We are big fans of Sesame Street and Jim Henson’s Muppets in this house, so when I heard about the new Dinosaur Train Paint and Match App, we had to give it a whirl. The app costs 99p and is available on Apple and Android devices.

Dinosaur Train Paint and Match App

Dinosaur Train Paint and Match App

The Dinosaur Train Paint and Match App was created by Kuato Studios. It is aimed at children aged upto 5 years old. There are two aspects to the game. Firstly, a card matching game (like patience), which has varying difficulty levels. Secondly, a colouring game which offers 24 different images to colour in. I’ll discuss each of these separately…

Dinosaur Train Paint and Match App – Colouring

Dinosaur Train Paint and Match App - colouring

The colouring part of the app features 24 different Dinosaur Train pictures to colour in. You can choose to use a paintbrush or a pencil to colour in. The paintbrush offers different depths of colour when you layer on your colour (seen in blue on the photo above). The pencil option is more precise to use (seen in green on the above photo). Finally, the eraser allows you to rub out your mistakes (seen going through the red on the above image).

Dinosaur Train Paint and Match App

My daughter is 4 and to begin with, she was frustrated that she couldn’t adjust the thickness of the pencil or paintbrush. After a while, we realised that if you tapped the circle at the bottom, left of the screen, there were 3 size options to choose from. You can’t zoom in on the image to allow more precise colouring, though.

Pairing Game

Syd definitely found the pairing game much more fun. There are 4 levels of difficulty – the first option has just 3 pairs of cards (pictured below…)

Dinosaur Train app

The second level features 6 pairs, while the 3rd has 8 pairs to find. The hardest level is made up of 10 pairs of cards (pictured above). Firstly, you are shown the cards face up. Next, the cards are flipped face down and you have to find all of the pairs before you run out of time.

My Thoughts

The app definitely encourages hand – eye co-ordination and memory skills. Additionally, it gives children a mess – free creative outlet. I can imagine that Dinosaur Train fans will love it. Personally, I’d give it 5/5. I like the fact that for just 99p, you can avoid the annoying ads which crop up on other apps of this kind. Well done Kuato Studio and Jim Henson!

This is a paid review, but all words and opinions are my own. Finally, read more of my reviews here

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