If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, chances are you’ve seen some of my previous posts on Portable North Pole. For me, Christmas is all about making memories and spending time with your loved ones. I’m not religious, so it’s not a traditional, Jesus themed holiday in our house. We don’t pray or go to church, but we do embrace all things Father Christmas related. Once again this year, we’ve taken part in the Portable North Pole Review 2019. Read on to find out what’s changed, and how it works.

Portable North Pole Review 2019

Portable North Pole (which is widely known as PNP for short) is an online service. They allow you to easily make personalised videos and phone calls from Father Christmas himself. There are 2 free Christmas video options available this year. Additionally, you can opt to buy a pass, which gives you access to more video templates.

Rather than spending ages explaining how the videos work, I figured I’d share them here so you can see for yourself how cute they are! I made this one for Syd, which shows she’s got some work to do if she wants to get on the nice list…

Free Options

One of the things I love most about Portable North Pole is the fact there are free options available. This means all families can make a video for their children – even if they can’t afford the premium options. Additionally, PNP also donates 5% of all profits to Children’s hospitals around the world.

Portable North Pole Review 2019 - stock photo from PNP

15% Discount

I have been given a Portable North Pole discount code by the team too, so if you want to save 15% on your premium pass, click here and it’ll be added automatically!

Sam faired slightly better than Syd did in his premium video…

The Verdict

It’s safe to say that both of the kids loved their videos! As they have every year. If you download the app, there’s also a reaction recorder, so you can record your child’s reaction to the video. All told, I’d highly recommend Portable North Pole, and would recommend everyone make a video for their kids (and big kids)!

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One thought on “Portable North Pole Review 2019

  1. My daughter loved the PNP video, but I did notice a huge jump (+50 a day) in the amount of Junk mail I was getting literally a day after setting up my PNP account.

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