If you read my blog regularly, you’ll know I am a massive geek. It’ll come as no surprise at all then, that I was more that happy to read this blog post from Wicked Uncle… The Secret Life of Toy Designers: What it Really Takes to Design a Christmas Hit. Reading their blog post has inspired me to share my predictions for the UK Top Christmas Toys For 2019. It goes into great detail about what is actually involved when getting a toy from idea to in the shops. Once you’ve read that piece, read on to find out which toys I’ve earmarked as must haves this holiday season.

UK Top Christmas Toys For 2019

UK Top Christmas Toys For 2019 Pinterest pin showing kids opening presents

For me, choosing my top toy picks for the year isn’t about reading press releases or having a look what TV shows are backing… It’s about scouring the internet, playing with toys and seeing what I think will be well received this year. The below items are my own personal top picks – not what the “big toy stores” are preparing to sell the most of…

Stikbot Studio – Age 4+

My daughter is 7 now, and loves making videos. She’s also a big fan of stop motion animation. We made a short video when we visited Legoland earlier this year, so I am confident she would love this Stikbot Studio set. With an RRP of £16, I can see it being a popular choice for the geekier kids. They’ll need to have access to iPod touches with cameras or camera phones, though. Referring back to the post from Wicked Uncle earlier on, I’d love to know what the Stikbot inventor was thinking when he came up with this idea!

Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak – Age 6+

When it comes to Christmas, there’s definitely plenty of magic involved. So it’s a no brainer that the Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak from Wow Stuff is on my list of UK Top Christmas Toys For 2019. We reviewed this for Wow Stuff recently, and this photo is just one of the fab shots we got. Imagine re-creating the footsteps in the snow scene from Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban under this cloak when it snows!

Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak being worn in the woods - is it one of the UK Top Christmas Toys For 2019

Pindaloo – Age 6+

Forget the kids – I can see all of the competitive parents loving this one on Christmas Day! Such a simple concept, but it looks absolutely addictive! I’ve added several of these to my basket ready to give this Christmas! At £9.99 each, they are a fun gift which won’t break the bank! I can’t help but wonder whether the inventor of Pindaloo had to rescue a ball from their U bend when they came up with this gem!

Movin’ Monkeys

Suitable for children aged 4 and over, the Gears Gears Gears! Movin’ Monkeys set is brilliant for teaching cause and effect, as well as engaging kids in play with a grown up.

The set has an RRP of £46, and is available from Learning Resources. It contains over 100 pieces and is the perfect rainy day toy! We’ve had the set for a few weeks now, and both 7 year old Syd, and 8 year old Sam love playing with it. The set is pretty tricky for kids to put together independently. However, once it’s assembled, the kids love spinning the cogs, and watching the monkeys travel.

movin monkeys

For over 30 years Learning Resources have been leaders in the educational toy and games market. They now offer more than 1,000 products sold in over 80 countries. Their toys are designed to help children build key educational skills, have fun, and get ready to take on the world!

Their versatile products include play and learning activity sets and games, which build skills in all subject areas. They do this through imagination, exploration, creativity and fun.

Wicked Pranks and Jokes – For The Prankster – Age 8+

I am a huge fan of practical jokes. So it’s unsurprising this set made my list of UK Top Christmas Toys For 2019. For me, the Selfie squirter phone makes this Wicked Pranks and Jokes set worth its rep of £17.99. I can see this set being used loads by kids aged 10 and over, for sure! Imagine all the fun they can have winding up relatives they don’t see very often, when visiting them over Christmas. My Dad would definitely have bought me a set like this when I was a kid!

A Time Teaching Watch

While not technically a toy, if your child needs to learn to tell the time, its worth considering a time teaching watch.

Finally, I hope these four ideas for the UK Top Christmas Toys For 2019 has been useful! Feel free to share your own top picks in the comments to help others searching for the perfect gift!

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