If you read my blog a lot, you will know that Syd and I are big fans of dolls. I don’t know who was the most excited when we received a Baby Born Sister Doll to try out! The doll is suitable for children aged 4 and over, it doesn’t need batteries and has an RRP of ¬£44.99.

Baby Born Sister Review

Rather than spending ages listing the included items… I made this video so you can see for yourself what’s included with the Baby Born Sister doll, and how they work…

The first thing which caught my attention was Baby Born Sister’s beautiful long hair. This is perfect for practicing using bobbles or brushing her hair. Syd is almost 5 now, and is keen to start doing her own hair. She’s spent quite a bit of time practicing putting bobbles in her Baby Born Sister¬†doll’s hair… In preparation for being allowed to do her own.

Baby Born Sister Accessories

The included accessories are great quality. The hair brush in particular was much better than the combs traditionally supplied with dolls…

Baby Born Sister Accessories

The makers of this toy have put a lot of thought into usability. I loved that the shoes just pop on and off the doll’s feet. The clips are well made and use a crocodile action. So they are easy to position and they stay in the doll’s (and child’s) hair well. The drinks bottle has an angled spout to make giving her water really easy too – Well done Zapf! Additionally, the included clothes are super cute as well. Syd would love the same outfit in her size so they could match!

Crying Doll

As the video shows, making the doll cry is really easy too. Once she’s drank some water, you squeeze her right arm to make her cry. If for any reason this doesn’t work straight away, turn the dial on her back. (Our sister doll worked instantly, but our original baby born doll needed to have the dial turned to open the water pipe).

Baby Born Sister


Sydney loves playing “families”… The Baby Born Sister doll has spent a lot of time at “school” this past week (Sat at my desk in the office). She has also been showing the baby dolls how to sit on the potty. Another thing I was pleased about was the fact the standard Baby Born doll clothes will fit this doll too. They aren’t cheap to buy, so it’s nice they can share outfits. I think I’ll have to invest in some of the interactive toys now, so we can see if the Sister Doll works with those as well…?

The doll will stand unaided and bends at the knees, which is a big plus as well. It means it’s super easy to position the doll on chairs, stairs, and uneven places like on cushions or blankets. BABY born Sister is able to go in the bath and get wet, but I haven’t told Syd that yet!

The only thing Syd doesn’t like about the doll is the fact her eyes don’t close when she is lay down. She keeps saying the doll is naughty as she won’t go to sleep. All things considered, we really like the Baby Born Sister doll and would definitely recommend her to people looking for an older “baby” type doll. Finally, why not check out more of my reviews!


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