Photo 365 – Day 95-97

We’ve had three very busy days. Here’s our most recent Project 365 photos!

Day 95: Friday 5th April, 2013.

On Friday, we went out and met my Sister, for a bit of retail therapy! I picked up this inflatable chair for Sam. He loves Mickey Mouse, and he was very excited about the chair. Alas, it popped the next day – not a fiver well spent, eh!

Day 96: Saturday 6th April, 2013.

Today, we went to Little Fun Fest. I wasn’t allowed to go on this train with Sam, so let him go on by himself. I was scared he’d fall off the seat, cry, but he was on his best behaviour. He seemed to really enjoy the ride, and was grinning like mad afterwards! (This photo was taken just before it set off). We had an amazing day, though!

Day 97: Sunday 7th April, 2013.

This one is grainy, but I wanted to share it anyway. The two cars on the right are racing off down the M61. The Red one is a McLaren – worth around 400k! The Silver one on the right is a Maserati! (About 80k’s worth). I was just a bit nervous when almost half a million pound’s worth of metal shot away from us like a bullet from a gun! Needless to say… the McLaren won!

Until next time…!

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