Little Fun Fest – Red House Farm

If you read my blog often, you will probably know that my son, Sam adores CBeebies. So, when Alex Winters (CBeebies presenter) asked me to help promote Little Fun Fest, of course I said yes. I read up about what was planned, and was very excited.

DaddyGeek and I took the kids along yesterday to experience Little Fun Fest in person.
It was being held at Red House Farm, in Altrincham. There was loads of parking, and not far to walk from the car to the entrance. Happily, the sun was shining, and everyone was in high spirits.

Once inside, we set about exploring. The first thing we found was the barn. Inside here, there was a small stage area, with hay bales forming a semi circle around it. There was loads going on here throughout the day. We didn’t spend a lot of time in here, but Sam loved the puppet show! He got very excited when Alex popped up at the end of it, too. 

Next, we went for a walk up to the big top. Inside, there was a huge array of things going on throughout the day. It was such a nice day, we didn’t spend much time in here either, but we did see Alex “go bananas” while surrounded by around 100 children, all squealing with happiness! I have to admit, I laughed out loud and tweeted this terrible photo when Dene Micheal and Alex sang “Superman”

I have to be honest, it was too loud in the big top for our children. The older kids didn’t seem to mind, but my 22 Month old son kept putting his hands over his ears. This wasn’t a huge issue though, as there was loads to do outside.

There were around 8ish fairground rides (a bouncy castle, a climbing wall, an inflatable slide, trampolines, a tractor barrel ride, several varieties of carousels). I would say the rides were great for kids aged 3-8. Sam isn’t quite two, so I only felt safe letting him go on the train, which had secure doors. I was a little disappointed I couldn’t go on with him. Sam loved it though, and thankfully, a lovely girl took him under her wing, and let him sit with her.

Sam is currently waiting for assessment, to find out if he has autism. Part of our concerns are that he doesn’t speak, and that he rarely shows emotion. Seeing him sat happily in the train, smiling really made my day. When he got off, he gave me the biggest, teeth bared smile I have ever seen him do. It is safe to say he approved of the train!

There were lots of cute animals to look at, too – including a pony (which Sam stroked), a baby Goat (which was teeny weeny), a huge Pig, and lots of smaller animals. We didn’t go into the petting section, but I saw lots of older kids happily holding and petting Guniea Pigs.

The main issue we had was trying to find a seat. There were only a handful of tables around, and it is like mission impossible getting a toddler (and a husband) to sit on the floor to eat. We eventually found a table near the cafe, and had our picnic. There were loads of food outlets on site, but as Sydney has a dairy allergy, we played safe and packed our own picnic. I’d pack a picnic blanket next time.

The circus area looked like lots of fun for older kids too. It was always busy, and the kids seemed to be having a great time, learning circus tricks, and walking the tightrope. Sam has only been walking a week, so I thought the tightrope might be a bit adventurous for him just yet.

The playground area was brilliant. The sandpit was huge, and I will definitely be taking the kids back to Red House Farm to play there again! Despite the lack of bins, the event remained amazingly litter free. I was really impressed by this.

After lunch, we headed over to the Tractor Barrel ride.

I took Sam on, and he really enjoyed it. He was smiling like mad when we got off. I *may* have been screeching singing “Bob the builder” to him as we went round…!

We didn’t actually manage to see Mr Bloom, but I was told the veggies were at a Tea Party, so Sam didn’t seem too bothered we kept missing him. (He was on stage several times, we arrived after the first one, missed one during our visit and we left before the final one). 

Harry Potter and Hagrid were walking about most of the day. Hubby Sam was a bit frightened of the giant, though so we avoided them. Professor McGonagall’s Flying lesson show seemed good. I wanted to watch it, but Sam was a bit too restless and giddy to watch the show.

The event was busy, but nowhere near as busy as I was expecting. We
didn’t queue for longer than 1 minute for any of the attractions, and
there was plenty of space to sit and have picnics. 

We were by no means ready to leave, but thanks to the surprise sunshine, we all had red faces. I had forgotten to pack sun cream and caps for the kids, and was worried we would all end up burnt. It was with long faces we headed back to the car.

We had a brilliant day, though. All of the rides and entertainment were included with the ticket price, and I think it was good value. I personally think children aged 3-6 would love every second of Little Fun Fest. Slightly older children would still find things to keep them happy, too though.

Our 9 Month old was in the pram all day (aside from lunch time). I think a baby activity might have been a nice addition?

I highly recommend Little Fun Fest for a great family day out, and we will definitely be back next year! I think the sunshine made a good day out an amazing one!

My advice: TAKE SUN CREAM – even if you think you won’t need it! We all have red bits!

This is not a sponsored post. We were provided with tickets for the purposes of this review, but all words and opinions are my own.

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