Hooray For Happyland

When I heard ELC was turning 40 this year, I had a feeling there would be some fab celebrations planned! #HoorayForHappyland is one such example! ELC have asked bloggers to put together a birthday inspired storyboard or video to celebrate their birthday.

I decided to get the kids involved and we made a storyboard. There were many tears, several tantrums and lots of laughs while we put this together. So… without further ado… here’s our very unpolished #HoorayForHappyland story board!

I don’t think Steven Spielberg needs to worry about me stealing his jobs just yet…!!

I hope that I’m around for long enough to see ELC and Happyland celebrate another 40 years on his High Street! 

This is my entry to the #HoorayForHappyLand birthday challenge

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