If you’ve got school age children, you already know what a pain labelling their school uniform is. Last year, I spent hours writing their names in, using Biro / Sharpie, only for them to wash out after a couple of months, and need doing all over again. When I was asked to review the Stamptastic ink and name stamper system, I was more than a little bit excited!

Stamptastic Ink and Name Stamper

The ink is permanent and costs £12 to buy. It’s wash proof, instantly smudge proof and it keeps for 2+ years – as long as you keep it in the airtight bag it comes in.

Stamptastic Ink and Name Stamper

Each stamp costs £10 and can be customised to your specifications. You can choose from 1 line or 2 lines on each stamp, and you have the option to add a symbol as well.

I opted for the kids’ full names and a symbol to their liking on each stamp…

Stamptastic Name Stamper

The stamp is really easy to use. I’d recommend putting a piece of paper under the label you’re stamping though… Just in case you go over slightly and stamp your table. (Confession: I did this a couple of times).

I made a little video to show you how easy the system is to use too…

All told, I think it’s a great system. Syd loves her bunnies and can easily spot her coat when it’s been put on the wrong peg at school. It saved me loads of time and the ink has stayed put so far. This polo shirt has been washed twice now and still looks super clear…

Stamptastic Ink and Name Stamper

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We were sent the items to review but all words and opinions are my own. 

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