Everyone in our house is a huge fan of Sylvanian Families – Even Daddygeek! It was Sydney’s birthday last week and she received loads of new Sylvanian toys. The Sylvanian Families Convertible Car arrived the same time, and she was immediately drawn to it.

Sylvanian Families Convertible Car

Sylvanian Families Convertible Car

The Sylvanian Families Convertible Car has an RRP of £16.99. It is suitable for children aged 3 and over. Rather than spending ages showing you what’s included and how easy it was to set up, I made this unboxing video…

As you can see in the video, it requires no assembly at all. Just a couple of stickers need to be put onto the vehicle before your Sylvanians will be ready to hit the road! The car doesn’t require any batteries, which is a big plus for me. It is free-moving, and manages to “brum” along on our wooden floor and carpet with no issues.

The doors on the car don’t open, and the boot and bonnet don’t open either. To begin with, I was a little disappointed about this, then I realised it made the car more durable – always a plus in our house! The attention to detail on the car is brilliant…

Close ups of the Sylvanian Families Convertible Car

The dash board is super cute, and I had to smile at the cup holders. The badge on the car, teamed with the shape of the vehicle reminded me a lot of a Porsche. Hubby agreed, and we both had a little bit of car envy. Who knew we’d one day be jealous of a toy Meerkat’s wheels!

Sydney’s Thoughts

Sydney was very quick to point out that the “naughty Meerkats” weren’t wearing their seat belts. The car doesn’t have any, but that definitely makes it easier to get the characters in and out of the car. Strictly speaking, it is a 2 seater vehicle, but the small shelf behind the seats is perfect for both sitting Sylvanian Children on. Additionally, it’s great for transporting your crops home from your vegetable patch (or allotment as we call it)!


We’ve got an allotment ourselves, so hubby couldn’t resist buying Syd the Sylvanians Vegetable Garden Set. It was very well received by the birthday girl. Unfortunately, her brother (who has Autism) thought they looked tasty, and ate a few of the small items. I am including this information within this review to remind other parents to be vigilant and keep the small pieces out of the reach of young (or hungry) children. Thankfully, Sam was fine after his little snack!

Getting back to the car, Sydney has been brumming it all round the house, and cannot wait to take the car and her veg patch down to our allotment once it’s dry enough so she can, “play digging at digging.”

Sylvanian Families Convertible Car in use


The convertible roof is easy to open and close. Syd is 4 and can manage it herself now. I did have to show her a good half a dozen times before she mastered it though.

All told, I really like the Sylvanian Families Convertible Car – As does Sydney. It has survived a fall down a flight of stairs, and it’s been stood on once as well. With that in mind, I think it’s fair to say the car is durable. I’d definitely recommend it to anyone who’s children love Sylvanian Families.

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As part of our Friends of Sylvanian Families role, and were sent this item to review. All words and opinions are my own.

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