We were recently sent a Philips PerfectCare Silence Pressurised steam generator to review, along with some amazing relaxation products.

We iron a lot in the Geek household. DaddyGeek is a bit OCD about creased clothes, and likes his stuff ironed to within an inch of its life. He has had a Philips steam generator for a good 9 years, so we had something similar to compare the Perfectcare Silence to.

On first inspection, the Perfectcare looks amazing. There are also some huge improvements over our existing steam generator. For starters: it is smaller! It takes up less cupboard space than our old steam generator, though it does still take up about three times more space than a normal iron. The Perfectcare only takes 2 minutes to heat up as well. My old steam generator took a good 10-15 minutes.

I love the fact you can see how much water is left in the steam generator. I hated it when our old one ran out, as the first thing you knew was when the steam stopped working. Then you had to wait for it to cool before you could refill it. With the Perfectcare Silence, you can top up the water as you go – if you need to. (I haven’t as of yet – yu get around 2 hours’ use per full tank).

Another improvement is the fact the iron clips onto the base, for safe
carrying. Our old steam generator was a nightmare to move. It was heavy and difficult to carry. I also LOVE the fact there are two clever crevices to store the cords when not in use. This makes storing and carrying the Perfectcare easier, and safer too.

The Perfectcare heats up quickly. Our old steam generator was really loud as the water heated. (I would say it was as loud as two kettles boiling simultaneously). The Perfectcare Silence makes a slight chugging noise every few minutes as water is taken from the water tank into the generator. (You have no steam on the iron while this is happening, but it doesn’t affect usage unless you’re ironing something like denim – which needs steam). The Perfectcare is otherwise silent – unless you use the steam button. (I only needed to use the button on stubborn items like denim).

The Philips Perfectcare Silence is also amazing for people who are rubbish at ironing because it doesn’t have a temperature dial. Everything is ironed on one setting. Philips claim you can iron your delicate items like silk, without worrying about burning. (I don’t own anything delicate, so I haven’t been able to test this). Philips also say you can leave the iron on top of an item of clothing for five minutes and it won’t burn. (I haven’t been brave enough to try this either)!

My favourite feature: Auto shut off! I tend to set up the iron and ironing board, Iron for 15 minutes then get distracted by the phone, or the baby etc. The next thing I know, an hour has passed and the water has all but disappeared from inside the iron. With the Perfectcare, that doesn’t happen! After 10 minutes of non use, the iron goes into “standby mode,” pressing any button on the iron will then start to heat up again. Genius! The Perfectcare can also be used vertically, to iron clothes hung on hangers. I loved this for ironing maxi dresses which trail on the floor when I use the ironing board.

I have used the Perfectcare on cotton items, denim, Tshirts with print on them, bibs and linen trousers. All were really easy to iron. Most of the creases came out of the cotton items without the need for steam. Deep creases were removed by a short blast of steam. The denim still required steam, but this is acceptable in my book.

All in all, I really like the Philips Perfectcare Silence. It looks great, it performs better than previous Steam Generators, and it is silent 90% of the time as well.

The Perfectcare is not cheap. It has an RRP of £300. It does reduce ironing time hugely, though. If it is anything like our old Philips Steam Generator, it will still be going strong after 9 years of use, so if you consider how many cheaper irons you’d go through in that time, it is cost effective too. It also makes ironing a bit less tedious, as you can watch (and hear) TV or music while you work.

I’d give the Philips Perfectcare Silence 5/5 and would recommend it to anyone with a large amount of ironing to do each week. If you only iron now and again, it is probably not worth investing in. If you have to iron lots of work and school wear, then it’s definitely worth considering.

The time I saved on the ironing was spent indulging in an amazing bath. Complete with Bath Bomb, relaxing music, body scrub and a candle too. Have I mentioned how much I love my Philips Perfectcare?! Now I just need to convince hubby to look after the terrible twosome every Sunday afternoon, so I get a bit of Me time with the iron haha!

This is not a sponsored post. I was sent the Perfectcare to review, but all words and opinions are my own.

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