I am very excited about Little Bird

Most people have a favourite animal. Most people like cats, dogs, monkeys etc.
Me? I like Reindeer and Deer the best. I always feel mean putting the Christmas Reindeer in the attic in January. We still have lots of Reindeer around though, despite it being July.

I love Reindeer so much, I even let one deliver my baby! (See Sam’s Birth Story for more info).
Is there a point to this blog post?!

Mum of 4 Jools Oliver (Jamie’s wife) has joined forces with Mothercare and created her own Children’s clothing and accessories collection. The range is called “Little Bird.”

The Little Bird newborn collection features a gorgeous Fawn…

(Top Left: Cuddle & Dry with Mitt – £14.99. Top Right: Baby Deer Money Box – £12. Bottom Left: Bean Bag Baby Fawn Toy – £12. Bottom Right: Cot Bumper – £49.99)

The entire Little Bird collection will be available from Mothercare on 17th August. It has a vintage feel about it, and features lots of retro elements – think toadstools, rainbows, bluebirds, patchwork quilts and the beautiful Fawn!!

The range includes newborn and toddler clothes, gifts, nursery accessories and bedding. To say I am excited would be a total understatement. I fear my plastic will get a good hammering this time next month.

Here’s some more of the beautiful newborn collection to coo over!

Sleeping bag: £31.99-£35.99
Long sleeve fawn white flannel pyjamas: £15

Cot or Cot bed quilt: £54.99
2 Pack Cot bed fitted cotton sheets: £19.99
2 Pack Cot bed flannelette cotton sheets: £26.99
Cot or Cot bed bumper: £49.99

Long sleeve toadstool body suit, hat, bib and bag: £14
2 Pack Cot bed fitted cotton sheets: £19.99
2 Pack Cot bed flannelette cotton sheets: £26.99

Long sleeved fawn Terry all in one: £12
Bean bag baby Fawn toy: £12

This is not a sponsored post – I am just stupidly excited and wanted to share!

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