Goodbye Pigtails, Hello Mummy Hair

Yesterday, I went out for some very rare “me” time. I spent it getting a haircut. On Monday, I blogged, asking people to help me choose a new hair do. The verdict was that I should go for number 3 – the Nicole Richie Bob. I was happy with the choice.

I showed my hairdresser the photo and asked him to start by cutting my pigtails off, so I could donate them to Little Princess Trust. He cut them off, but cut too much off, so my hair was more jaw line than shoulder length. Not a great start!

Then he “forgot” I wanted a side fringe. It’s a good job I’m an easy going person, isn’t it. So here is the finished hair do – and a before photo from this morning.

And here are the pigtails, just after he cut them off. I will be posting them off tomorrow.

It’s not the look I was hoping for, but my hair feels a LOT better. My neck is pretty cold, though! I need to go scarf shopping – in July! 

Please excuse the scary, crazy faces I am pulling – I really don’t do selfies at the best of times, but I haven’t slept in 2 years, so I look a little manic!

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