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I love to share things that I love with my readers, so I am going to do a quick round up of things I am currently enjoying. Some of these items were sent to us to try, others we bought ourselves.

For The Kids:

Asda Little Angels Nappies
We’ve been using Little Angels for well over a year now. They have been brilliant in every size – except size 6. As a result, we’ve had to switch Sam to another brand now, but we still get Little Angels for Syd.

Both of the kids are currently mad on them! It doesn’t matter if they are in the bath, being blown in the house, or outside… they cannot get enough of them!

Sam has finally started to get the hang of Duplo. He isn’t fitting pieces together yet, but he loves to pull apart your creations. We are working on a Duplo Wall for him – stay tuned for that! 

Cheeky Harry
Cheeky Harry and friends is a new book series. Cheeky Harry loves is a rhyming story all about Harry – a cheeky lion. He loves to dance, roar and lots of other fun things too. Sam loves Lions, thanks to Raa Raa, so Cheeky Harry was a huge hit in our house! The pictures are bright, fun and clear for toddlers to understand. I will definitely be looking out for other Cheeky Harry books for the kids!

Foodie Things:

Tefal actifry
We have been using this for a few weeks now, and the novelty has not worn off! We have made everything from chips to desserts in it! Stay tuned for a full review coming soon!

Weight Watchers Breakfast Biscuits
I’m not following the WW plan any more, but I really struggle to find time to eat breakfast. The biscuits are a godsend on days when we have to be out of the house early for play dates and appointments. The Fruit and Seeds variety are definitely my favourites! Don’t dunk them in a brew though, or you’ll end up fishing out half of your biscuit with a spoon! 

Me Time:

Leighton Denny Nail Products.
I have been a huge Leighton Denny fan for years! I haven’t had the time to do my nails for well over a year, though. Last week, I dusted off my collection and rekindled my love with his products. I fear my plastic shall be taking a battering soon as I splurge on some of the new collection! 

The Following:
This was definitely one of my favourite TV shows for a long time. I was hooked from day one. If you missed it, it’s worth looking out for on DVD!

I bought my first ever pair of Converse last month, and I am a convert! They are so comfy, it’s unreal. The only problem is I need a whole new wardrobe, so I can wear them more often!


We bought a new epson printer last Month. I love being able to print straight from my phone or iPad. How have I survived so long without this basic feature?

Stuff I have fallen out of love with:

Syd knocked my sister’s furby (Stella) off the sofa this week. I am sad to say Stella has gone to Furby Heaven. I know it was Syd’s fault it broke, but surely a £60 children’s toy should be able to survive a 2 foot drop, no?

This is not a sponsored post. I was sent some of these products to try, but all words and opinions are my own.

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