Sam’s been playing games

Last week, Sam decided that “Let’s throw toys into the Biorb for the fish to play with,” was his favourite game. Every time I left the room, he would whip off the lid and drop in whatever was to hand. After 3 days of this, I moved the fish tank up to the lounge.

This was great for half an hour – until Sam figured out that he could climb onto the cabinet, now the fish tank wasn’t there. This meant he could reach the window. Sam then decided that, “Let’s throw all of Sydney’s toys out of the window,” was an even better game! After 3 trips outside to pick up Syd’s things, I played the mean Mummy card again, and closed the window. 

Sam then repeatedly climbed onto the unit, and tried to walk along it – past the TV to reach a shelf. This was not so easy to stop. When they were in bed, DaddyGeek and I decided to completely rearrange the play room. This involved pulling out the huge, heavy unit Sam had been climbing. A unit which he likes to throw all of his toys (and snacks) behind.

Let’s just say the findings were well matured! Thankfully, I had our trusty hand vac close by, to quickly remove all the gross mess! I don’t know where I’d be without our handheld vac. It saves me so much time! Hubby is driving me mad now, wanting a new Dyson vacuum – you know those hand held ones, with the long attachments for cleaning floors? (a bit like a broom, but with suction)!

Once we’d cleaned the chaos, re-homed all of the abandoned toys and shuffled the furniture around, the play room looked bigger. (Probably because we’d finally moved the slide out of the room)!

The next morning, Hubby had a bit of a “changing Rooms” moment, when he revealed the make over to Batman. I *think* he likes the changes. Though we still have a few tricks up our sleeve! Stay tuned to see what we are planning to do to one of his walls next Month! 

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