Sydney’s Style – 10th November 2012

This week, Sydney wore her amazing custom made dress for the first time.
It was made by the amazing Laura over at Once Upon A Time Children’s Clothing.
The dress is amazing quality, and Sydney got a LOT of compliments about it.

She wore a White long sleeved vest, White tights and her Pink Uggs with it, which her auntie and uncle bought for her when she was born. (not pictured).

The dress is made from cord, so extra warm at this time of year. It buttons up the back, has a few pleats at the front and flairs out at the bottom, so is extra girlie. I ADORE it!

The Batman & Robyn logo is in honour of her’s and her brother’s nicknames. They ARE Batman & Robyn, afterall! The dress will be going into her memory box once she has grown out of it.

Sydney has another dress from the same company, which she will probably wear for the first time this week. I am sure it’ll feature here soon.

I highly recommend Laura’s products though – we will definitely be ordering more ASAP!

Here’s a photo of it taken my Laura – Before Syd had rolled all over the place in it!

This is not a sponsored post. I bought and paid for the dress. I love it, so I am sharing it with you!

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