Sam Enjoying His Galt Playnest and Gym

Sam Enjoying His Galt Playnest And Gym At 9 Weeks Old

Sam absolutely loves this playnest. He will lie there looking at the toys on the gym for a good 20 minutes, awe struck.
He reaches up to touch the toys, too.

I must say it was a nightmare to assemble, but worth the 3 hours of stress.

UPDATE: (29th November 2011): Sam has played with this for hours on end, and now he is too big for the gym part, he sits in the nest happily too.

I’d happily give it 4/5. It lost a point for being a total nightmare to assemble! Brute force is definitely needed, so make sure you’ve had your weetabix before you attempt it!

*tip: If one of the pieces is refusing to connect, try turning it round and inserting the other end – If there’s a bit of plastic sticking up at the join, you’ll never manage to connect it!

Sandpaper might help too!

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