A Manchester Mum’s Thoughts On The Manchester Riots

Tonight, the rioters have been out in Greater Manchester!
I have been sat, glued to my TV watching events unfold around me.
We live 3 miles from Salford, and 5 miles from Manchester, so we’re pretty close to the trouble tonight.
I am – for the first time in my life ashamed to be from Manchester.

This appears to be the work of youths wearing footwear costing more
than our weekly food shop, and communicating on £150+ mobile phones. The
rioters are going around trashing local businesses and claiming it’s
because they are unemployed, fed up, getting back their taxes? It’s

In Manchester, a 14 year old boy has been arrested – what’s his excuse?
I am sorry, but why aren’t parents out there dragging their kids home by their hair?

I personally feel so sorry for the police – the longer this all goes
on, the more frustrated the general public are getting about the whole
thing. People are demanding the Police use force, plastic bullets, water
cannons etc – but you & I know that the second a child is caught up
in the Police’s plastic bullets or injured as a result of water
cannons, the parents of that child will insist their child was an
“innocent bystander” and once again, our police officers will be the bad

I have no idea how best to resolve this, but surely if every single
parent or guardian ensured their kids were in their house by 5pm, we’d
stop this almost instantly?

And do all these kids looting clothes and electricals have blind
parents? I’m sorry, but if Sam ever turns up at home with expensive
electricals or clothes, I’ll be finding out where they came from right
away. And if they were stolen, he’d be marched down to the nearest
police station!

I do not for one second think this is all youths, or only youths, but
the majority of reports are suggesting the Manchester rioters and
looters appear to be under 20.

I am pleased to see the arsonist who set fire to Miss Selfridge on
Market Street in Manchester has already been named and shamed too.
Hopefully he’ll be facing years in prison for those 20 seconds of “fun”?

I suggested to hubby earlier on that perhaps a good source of
punishment for these rioters would be to empty the contents of their
bedrooms or homes into skips and set it alight? We all know the UK
prisons are overcrowded, so I bet most of the rioters will get suspended
sentences or community service? Do you want these thugs servicing your
community? I know I don’t!

And if they get ASBO’s… I swear to god, I am EMIGRATING!

On a final note, I don’t think you can blame this on social networks –
the rabble would have used texts, emails, blogs or forums to organise
these riots if the likes of Facebook, Twitter and Blackberry Messenger
didn’t exist.

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