Manchester Baby Show – What I loved most

Today, me, DaddyGeek and the kids headed off to The Manchester Baby Show at Event City, near the Trafford Centre. We spent four hours wondering around and taking in all of the amazing things.

This blog post is my top ten stands and products from today. The majority of the things I love can’t be seen or bought anywhere else on the High Street in Manchester.

Here we go then.

Funky Giraffe Bibs sell high quality dribble bibs. I have been a huge fan of this online company since Sam was tiny. They have an amazing deal on for the Baby Show – 5 Dribble Bibs for £10 or 12 dribble bibs for £20! You can find them at stand C14

The Bunk Cot Company sell an amazing bunk cot. (Imagine bunk beds for babies)! They can be used as 2 cots, 1 cot and 1 bed, or 2 beds, so they grow with your kids. If (like us) space is limited, they are an amazing way to free up some room in your nursery. They are at stand C20.

Land Of Make Believe sell personalised wooden gifts. Their range includes jigsaw names, coat rails, hanging mobiles and book ends. They are at stand A15.

Ace Babies are selling an amazing range of printed bibs, vest, tops and more. We got Sam a Batman bib, but there are LOADS of personalised tops too. Definitely worth a look! Check them out at stand H26.

Chilli Peeps launched their product at the Manchester baby show last year. They sell re-usable teats, which attach straight to ready made cartons of baby milk, and most water bottles. They are fab to keep in your bag in case you’re ever caught short. They now sell a pre-sterilised versions well, making them even more convenient. Check them out at stand G25.

Family Walls sell personalised wall art for kids. There are various styles to choose from, and you upload photos into the canvas of your choice to make a kind of family tree. They are great for kids bedrooms and nurseries too. Find them at stand K25.

Frame my name are showcasing their Deluxe name prints. They show a different animal for each letter of the name. they also show the child’s name meaning and can be personalised with your choice of information, such as date of birth, etc. These really are gorgeous and can be found at stand E20.

Snuggle Bundl is one of only two products which genuinely made me say “wow” today. It is basically a blanket with handles, and head support for baby. You wrap your baby in it, rock them to sleep & then use the handles to lower them into their cot safely and without disturbing them. It can also be used in prams, car seats etc too. It’s a brilliant idea, and has already won several awards. Find them at stand G12.

Splash Handi is the 2nd product which made me say, “Wow.” Basically, it is four layers of luxuriously soft fabric with a hole on one side, which you put your hand into. The fabric is kind of Hexagon shaped. Using the hand inside the Splash Handi, you put one of the six sides under baby’s chin as you wind them with the other hand. When that side gets baby sick on it, you simply move your hand to use one of the remaining clean sides. This amazed me! We are going through anything between 2 and 5 bibs per feed with Sydney, as she is so sick. When you’ve finished winding baby, you can turn the Splash Handi inside out to lock the sick inside, and keep the contents of your bag dry, too. I havent done them justice at all in that description, so I suggest you see them for yourself at stand C12.

Oyster Max is even more beautiful in person! It is light, easy to steer and very easy on the eye! I love it even more now I have seen it in person. Roll on December, when it is finally released! I think I’ll have to ask Santa for one!

So there you have it – in no particular order, the ten things I loved the most at the Manchester Baby Show! We had a great day. Hope you enjoy it too.

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