Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Sam’s hair was gorgeous and curly. Everybody loved it – when it was brushed and looking nice. What most people didn’t see was Sydney swinging from it at every given opportunity, Sam smearing food and juice into it several times a day, or the daily battle when it came to brushing it.

As a result, DaddyGeek and I have been trying to pluck up the courage for a couple of Months now to get it cut. I wanted to just get it trimmed, to keep the hair out of his eyes, and level off the length. DaddyGeek loved the curls, but thought a short cut would be better.

In the end, Sam made the decision for us. Last night’s bath/hair wash/ refusal to let me brush it fight was the straw that broke the camel’s back. It had to come off. Sam was in pain while I was trying to brush it, he was constantly being told off for retaliating when Syd pulled it, so it had to go. Enough was enough. In all honesty, I don’t think DaddyGeek believed me when I said I was going to cut it myself.

We have a breakfast bar/island seating area in our kitchen, with bar stools. I sat Sam on one of those and raised it to full height, so he was being held in place by the table top. I popped the iPad in front of him and put on his favourite cartoon – Raa Raa to keep him occupied. Then I gave him a chocolate biscuit to keep his hands busy, before I set to work.

First, I had to use the scissors to cut off as much as I could. Sam didn’t bat an eyelid during this process. He was far too engrossed in Raa Raa. Once I had cut off as much as I could, I set to work with the clippers set to a number 16 (or 8 if you’re not using Remington). Again, Sam didn’t seem to mind this. Once I had an even base to work from, I dropped down to a number 9 (4.5) for the back and sides, and a number 11 (5.5) for the top. Sam was fine throughout all of the cutting. He got a bit wriggly when I was doing around his ears, but he was fine once we distracted him. I have to say, it went much better than I could have anticipated!

My plan is to let it grow back, and go up a comb each time. I want to get it long enough to spike the top, but have shorter back and sides.

I decided to do it myself as I wasn’t confident Sam would sit in a barber’s chair to have it cut. I thought the noises would upset him, and he’d end up with half a haircut!

All told, for a first attempt I am very pleased with how it went. Sam looks much older now, though! (I was asked today why he wasn’t in school – he isn’t even 2 yet)!

Sam seems to like it. He has been very smiley all day, and keeps touching it and feeling his neck. Me? I miss his curls! I may have shed a tear or 3 for them today! (I did save one, though)!

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