Our Final Bigjigs Play Patrol Mission

A few weeks ago, we received our final Bigjigs Play Patrol Mission. We had to choose items to review, and make a video review of them. I was really excited about this particular challenge when we received it. Then I got ill. Then I had surgery. Then by back got injured and I was laid up for a week.

This has meant I am running very behind on all of my blog projects, and I am out of time to successfully complete our last Bigjigs challenge. SOB! I’m not physically up to setting up the camera to make videos, or sitting at my laptop for hours editing them yet, so I am going to review the items in a more traditional format instead.

I decided to get Syd some pieces to allow her to link our Bigwigs Road and Rail sets together, and I got Sam some wooden toys. The items we received were:

The Roadway Cutting, the Level Crossing, the Fractions Puzzle and the Learn To Count set.

The Roadway Cutting Set:

This set allows you to merge your Bigjigs Rail and Road Sets. It contains 4 pieces, which all fit together to make a rail bridge which passes over a piece of road. It has an RRP or £13.99, so it isn’t a cheap addition to your wooden road / rail collection, but you are getting very high quality, detailed pieces for your money which really do add an entire new dimension to your child’s play. This photo shows the setup we were able to create using the Roadway Cutting Set and the Level Crossing set…

As you can see, the railway track and the road setup are able to be played with at the same time, and as part of the same transport network. Sam, Syd and I had great fun setting this up and then taking the trains over the bridge, and passing the cars underneath it.

The Level Crossing:

This set retails at £5.99 and is an absolute bargain if your child has both a road and rail setup. It comes with the crossing, two ramps and two gates. The gates can be positioned so that either the road or the railway line is blocked. You can also remove the gates altogether if you want to. The pieces are all made from wood, and are finished to a high standard. This set is excellent value for money.

The Fractions Puzzle:

This puzzle has an RRP of £17.99. It is aimed at children aged 3+ and is made from high quality wood. The set contains 26 pieces, and each number and the corresponding pieces are a different colour. We’ve been using the set to teach Sam numbers, shapes and colours. He’s also been counting the pieces each shape is broken up into. We haven’t moved on to actually learning fractions yet, but I am confident this set will be a brilliant learning tool when we do.

This photo shows Sam playing with the Fractions Puzzle. He is concentrating on putting the numbers back in place here. You can just see the Learn To Count Set in the background – he’d been moving from one to the other for about half an hour when I managed to take this photo.

Learn to Count Set:

This set is brilliant for little ones who are learning to count. The bright colours correspond to the number on the wooden board, so it encourages little ones to count the discs and place them over the pegs. We have also used the set to practice matching up the colours and the names of colours. The number pieces are also removable, so you can practice number sequencing, and counting the dots under the numbers, too.

>3 year old Syd loves playing with this. She loves to name the colours, count the discs as she adds them, and she also enjoys making patterns on the floor with the discs. With an RRP of £14.99, this is a high quality toy which is excellent value for money.

All four of the items are loved by my children. I would recommend all of them to parents of preschoolers. If you like the look of these items, why not follow Bigjigs on Twitter for more info, competitions and fun?

This is not a sponsored post. We were sent the items for the purpose of this Challenge. 

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