If you read my blog often, or follow me on social media, you’ll know Lego is a HUGE part of our lives. My “How to make a Lego Wall” tutorial is one of my most viewed blog posts. I made our Lego wall to try to get around having to pick up tons of bricks every day, and having tons of lego storage boxes stacked up everywhere. It wasn’t successful on that front though, as my kids like to build on the floor – who knew!

Any parent with Lego loving children knows the complete nightmare that is tidying up those bricks of doom… You spend 15 minutes picking them all up, only to stand on one 2 hours later. Or worse – Hoover one up!

When I was asked to review a Zig Zag Blue Play and Go toy storage bag, I was VERY excited. In case you’re not familiar with the product, I’ll explain what it is.The Play & Go is a huge bag, capable of holding lots of toys (Lego in our case). It opens up to create a huge, circular playmat, perfect for containing both toys and children! This means that if your children play on there, it takes literally 4 seconds to pick up ALL of the lego (or toys)!

Play & Go bags are made from premium cotton, and feel really thick. The drawstring cord is chunky, and feels like it’ll last a long time. Each bag comes with a 3 year guarantee, which proves just how confident the manufacturers are in the Play & Go bags.

The playmat has a diameter of 140cm (distance across the middle). When I read that on their website, I didn’t take on board just how large an area this was. The bag is easy to carry, and easy to store as well. (Size wise, It’s like carrying the strongest bin bag you can possibly imagine). The weight will vary, based on what’s inside, though. The Play & Go is perfect for taking along to play dates, or even picnics on dry days, as it’ll keep your children’s toys contained and give them a safe, clean area to sit. (I’m not sure if it’s washable though, but I will find out and update this review accordingly).

We’ve had our bag for a few weeks now, and I cannot get over how much easier life is with it. I have stopped getting cross when the kids get the lego out, then walk away after 5 minutes, as it no longer takes me ages to pick it all up and put it away. I hang the full bag on the back of the cloakroom door, in between uses. This has free’d up the floor space which was previously reserved for half a dozen lego boxes.

The photos above show the Play & Go bag opened up. As you can see, there’s a lip running around it which helps to keep the lego on the mat. Syd is wearing an age 4-5 onesie in the photo, and there’s plenty of room left for other children to play. I’d guesstimate that around 5 children could comfortably sit around the playmat at one time.

When play time is over, you literally shove the toys towards the centre of the mat, and pull the drawstring cord until the bag closes up – It takes me around 5 seconds to tidy up the kids’ lego now, instead of the 10 minutes it was previously. This video shows the Play & Go storage and playmat in action…

The Play & Go bag is available in a range of colours, and has an RRP of €34 (around £26). I would highly recommend it if you frequently have lots of small toys scattered all over your house. I am thinking of getting another to house the kids’ Wooden Train Set, as this too is beginning to take over the house.

This is not a sponsored post. I was sent the Play and Go bag to review, but all words and opinions are my own. 

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