Today, I’m sharing my Baby Annabell Brother Doll Review. We were recently sent a Baby Annabell Brother Doll to review. The doll is aimed at children aged 3+ and has an RRP of £49.99. This unboxing video shows you exactly what’s included…

The doll requires 4x AA batteries, which are not included. This doll drinks water from his bottle, sucks his dummy, giggles when you tickle his cheeks and cries real tears. He is 18 inches long, and cannot sit unaided.

Baby Annabell Brother Doll Review

My 3 year old daughter really took to the doll to begin with. She loved giving him a drink, and making him laugh. She quickly lost interest though, as she found it really hard to get him to stop crying. (As did I). Common sense said to give him a drink, his dummy, a cuddle, or wind him when he was crying. Occasionally, none of those things worked. When he cried tears, he left you soaking wet (as the top-right image below shows).

Baby Annabell Brother Doll Review

I loved the fact that Zapf had taken the time to make a baby boy doll, however it is worth mentioning he doesn’t actually have any boy parts. You could easily put George in a pink outfit and pass him off as Georgina.

His giggle is super cute, and his facial movements (and crying sounds) are very realistic. His clothes and accessories are really good quality – as is the doll itself. I made this demo video so you can see Baby Annabell’s Brother in action…

My Thoughts

For me, I felt that the Baby Annabel Brother Doll wasn’t up to the same standard as our Zapf Baby Born doll. The fact he didn’t sit upright, can’t eat food, doesn’t wet or dirty his nappy left Sydney (my daughter) disappointed. From a parent point of view, the constant crying got old very fast. The only things the Baby Annabell Brother doll does which our interactive Baby Born doesn’t is laugh, make crying noises, snore and move its mouth.

I personally would opt for the Interactive Baby Born Boy doll over the Baby Annabell Boy doll, for several reasons… That one doesn’t take batteries, yet the doll can still cry tears, wee, sit unaided, eat food and sit on a potty.

I give the Baby Annabell Brother Doll 3/5.

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This is not a sponsored post. We were sent the doll to review, but all words and opinions are my own.

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