If you read my blog regularly, you’ll already know Syd and I are big doll fans. When we were asked to review the new limited edition Baby Annabell My Special Day doll, I was thrilled to accept. The doll was created to celebrate Baby Annabell’s 20th anniversary.

Here’s what Zapf have to say about her…

[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=”16″]It’s Baby Annabell’s special day and she’s ready to celebrate with a brand new party dress and accessories. Decorate the cupcakes with an assortment of decorative pins, then serve the guests with the set of 4 party plates. This 43cm doll features 8 lifelike functions, including crying, being burped, sleeping and using the potty.[/perfectpullquote]

Baby Annabell My Special Day Video:

Rather than spending ages explaining what’s included with the Baby Annabell My Special Day doll, Syd and I made this video so you can see for yourself…

Baby Annabell My Special Day Information:

The Baby Annabell My Special Day doll has an RRP of £64.99 and she is suitable for children aged 3 and over. The doll is 43cm high (That’s almost 17 inches if you’re old skool, like me). Baby Annabell requires 3X AA Batteries which are not included.

Baby Annabell My Special Day face

As the video mentioned, getting the batteries into Baby Annabell is no mean feat. There are 4x screws holding the battery cover in place. This is to prevent water getting in there when baby Annabell is having a drink!

So What’s Included?

As the video mentioned, you get the Baby Annabell doll, party dress, hat, shoes, her bottle, dummy, 4x plates, 4x cupcakes and decorations for the cupcakes. Two things which aren’t included are nappies or a potty. Considering she drinks water and will then wee, I think the lack of a nappy or potty are two big oversights. I’d definitely suggest purchasing the [amazon_textlink asin=’B01M5DXK2K’ text=’Baby Annabell potty Training Set’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’mothergeek-21′ marketplace=’UK’ link_id=’a3b2ccde-f241-11e8-89a9-81e142a589c9′] as well if you are buying this doll.

Baby Annabell My Special Day accessories

What Does She Do?

Baby Annabell My Special Day can drink from her bottle, (with a little help from you squeezing the water into her). Annabell’s mouth moves and she makes drinking sounds while this is happening too. She can cry real tears, burp, baby babble, open and close her eyes, suck her dummy and go to sleep too.

Making Baby Annabell wee took us a few minutes to figure out. If you lift up her dress, she has a love heart where her belly button should be. If you press this, the water will come out of the hole in her bottom.

Baby Annabell My Special Day bottom

The body of the Baby Annabell My Special Day doll feels like it has a water repellent coating on it. It’s definitely not suitable for submerging in water like Baby Born though. I suspect this is just additional protection to keep the batteries dry.

Baby Annabell’s eyes don’t close automatically when you lay her down, so you have to soothe her to sleep before they’ll close. You can do this by rocking her to sleep or leaving her alone until she puts herself into standby mode. She has beautiful blue eyes (pictured below).

Baby Annabell My Special Day

The dress which Baby Annabell My Special Day comes dressed is is beautiful. It feels high quality and fits her perfectly. The cardigan is attached to the dress, and the entire outfit can be removed via the velcro at the back. The cupcake shoes feel like leather and the cupcake design is really detailed.

My Thoughts:

I’m a big kid when it comes to dolls. As a child, I spent a lot of time playing with them. I love that Baby Annabell My Special Day can do almost everything. Her arms and legs move, but due to the soft body, they won’t stay where you position them. You have to prop Baby Annabell up to get her to sit up for example.

It seems a little odd to me to have a newborn style doll supplied with cupcakes. My daughter pointed out that Annabell looks too young to be celebrating her birthday, or eating the cakes. I didn’t mind the lack of a potty, as I feel she should still be in nappies anyway. Adding a couple of those to the set would have made it all the more perfect in my opinion.

So I am assuming that Baby Annabell is a guest at somebody else’s party, and that the cupcakes are for the mummies….

In Conclusion, Baby Annabell My Special Day is available to buy from [amazon_textlink asin=’B07BWSG9YT’ text=’Amazon’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’mothergeek-21′ marketplace=’UK’ link_id=’ea04fa39-f245-11e8-8d24-7515548623f3′], and all good toy shops.

£2.50 from the sale of every Baby Annabell My Special Day doll (RRP £64.99) at Smyths Toys Superstores within the UK from October – April will go towards a donation to Barnardo’s.

For ages 3+

What do you think? If you’ve enjoyed this post, you can find more of my reviews here.

Finally: We were sent the doll to review, but all words and opinions are our own. 

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