I am a member of the Tefal Innovation Panel. I was sent a Fresh Express Max to help us prepare and eat fresh food each day during fresh week. I loved it so much, I have decided to post a review. (I wasn’t asked to do this).

The Fresh Express Max is an instant food processor. The food comes out straight into whatever container you want it to. (pan, sandwich bag, plate). Officially, it can be used for fast slicing, coarse shredding, fast, thin shredding, grating and dicing. Unofficially, I found it makes really good, small fries, too! (If you leave the ring off when dicing).

It has definitely become one of my most used kitchen gadgets! In an average day, I use it at least twice. Some of the everyday things I have done with it are: grating bread, slicing lettuce, cucumber and onion for quick, healthy sandwich fillers, grating lettuce straight into a sandwich bag for use later, slicing peppers and mushrooms, dicing onions, (accidentally) chipping potatoes, grating and slicing cheese, and slicing potatoes to make home made crisps. I have also grated carrot in the Fresh Express max, and made my own coleslaw in under 5 minutes!

The chips came about when my geeky side wanted to see what happened if you left the ring off when using the dicing cone. I cooked them up in the actifry, and they were brilliant. They were kind of like “French Fries” crisps, but warm!

The coleslaw wasn’t 100% fresh – I sliced some fresh cabbage and onion, then grated carrot into a bowl, before adding some mayonnaise. It was a sneaky way of getting some veggies into the kids, though! I added a bit of black pepper and a bit of Mustard Powder. It was on the table in less than 5 minutes though, and I only had to rinse the cones and the feeding tube through afterwards.

To use the Fresh Express Max, you pop in the cone and turn it clockwise, slightly. Then you put your food into the feeding tube, push down on it lightly with the feeder and press the power button. The cone spins, and your chopped/grated/diced/sliced food comes out of the cone!

All of the cones and removable parts are dishwasher safe. Cheese is the
only thing which I haven’t been able to rinse off between uses so far,

I really do love my Fresh Express Max. I love the fact the cones are all stored neatly on it, when not in use. I love the fact it looks good on my worktop, and doesn’t take up much room. I love that it has halved my prep time for some meals. I love that I can now grate cheese without losing fingernails or skin in the process. I love the fact I can finally slice potatoes thinly enough to make home made crisps, and potato bake in several minutes, not hours!

I did have a couple of teething problems, mainly because I didn’t study the user guide. I am going to share them, just so you know…!

1). Don’t push too hard! (Over pushing can cause food to get stuck)! If this happens, remove the cone to retrieve the food. Try again with less force.

If you hate manuals (like me), start on the lowest setting, and move up to the
higher one if it isn’t working – not the other way around! (Soft foods
are generally fine on the slow setting, though).

The only food I couldn’t slice successfully¬† was tomatoes. There is one food item left on my “must try” list… Egg! I am not 100% convinced it will work, but the next time I boil an egg for egg mayo, I will try slicing it and update this review!

In the meantime, I thoroughly recommend the Fresh Express Max. If you are looking at buying one, you can save 25% off the RRP of £80 by liking the Tefal UK Facebook page. (Offer valid until 31st May 2013).

I give the Fresh Express Max 5/5. It has definitely earned a permanent spot on my kitchen worktop!

This is not a sponsored post.



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