Dear Almost 2 Year Old Batman

Dear Batman…….

You turn 2 a week tomorrow. I cannot believe my baby boy is almost 2. Time really does fly. In so many respects, it feels like you only arrived yesterday. I can still remember assuring your daddy it was a false alarm, and insisting I could do the ironing. By the time I had finished it, my contractions were coming thick and fast. You arrived a few hours later, gatecrashing your Grandma’s 50th Birthday!

You were 3 days early, and you’ve been eager ever since. When you want something, you don’t like to wait for it. You LOVE being outside, and are definitely happiest when you’re out of the house. You love to see animals – especially birdies flying. You still love the park, and would spend all day on the swings if you could. 

When you’re in the house, you enjoy playing with Duplo now. You like it when we build things for you to pull apart. I cannot wait for you to see the Duplo wall we are making for your birthday. I hope you’ll love it. You still like to watch cbeebies, but not as much as you used to. You tend to only watch it in the morning now, and love Postman Pat, Mister Maker and Raa Raa the most.

You’re definitely exploring more now, and trying to bust open the baby gates/front door are two of your favourite activities. You get really frustrated if you’re not on the same side of the baby gates as me or Daddy. You cry, and get angry a lot because you can’t get into the kitchen. We can’t let you in there while we are cooking because you’re so tall you can reach the hobs easily. And you can open the dishwasher and oven doors. 

You have finally got past the “throwing your food” phase. Thank goodness! You’re still a fussy eater, but I love that you will try most things. You still hate dairy products, and most “white” foods, but you’ll try most other things. Your current favourites are Spanish Omelette, chicken nuggets and tangerines!

You still love a good mummy cuddle, and you are playing with others a lot more now, too. You definitely seem happier all round, compared to 6 Months ago. Possibly because you’re walking now? Or because you can say a couple of words? Or maybe it’s because Syd is a lot more independent now, so you get out more, and you get more time to play with me? Or it could be because you have a playmate, who idolises you. Syd is definitely your biggest fan. She follows you around like your shadow. Sometimes, (usually when you think nobody is watching) you are really nice to her, and play together. Most of the time, you are grumpy though, and refuse to let Syd join in with your games. 

You’re still not a fan of messy play, but you love water. I have recently started setting up water activities in the house when we can’t go out. You love exploring water, and playing in it. You seem to think anything containing water is a bath. You climb in as soon as you can, for splishy splashy fun! I think this is great… Daddy gets a bit stressed!

You have recently started to play on the iPad too. You adore the poppety pop Cbeebies game. You “pop” the balloons and get sooo proud of yourself when you complete it. I love seeing you get so excited. I get stupidly proud of you too. You seem to be learning so much, so quickly. It’s like someone has flicked a switch recently, and you do something new each day. 

I cannot wait to see what you make of your birthday presents. We’ve put a
lot of thought into this year’s gifts. Hopefully you will love them as
much as we think you will.

You amaze me every day, Sam. (You stress me out plenty, too…) But I love seeing you do new things, and turning into such a chilled out, happy boy. (In between the frequent tantrums). I am very proud of you, and love you much more than you will ever know xx

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