Our First Ever Family Film Day

In typical UK tradition, bank holiday Monday was WET! We had seen the rain forecast in advance though, so had planned a nice cosy afternoon at home.

I decided it was time to do something I have been excited about doing for ages… Have a Disney DVD day with the kids. As a child, I loved curling up on the sofa with my family, watching films. It was time to start this tradition with Sam and Syd… Or so I thought!

On Saturday, we went down to Asda to buy some snacks, ready for the big event! Our choices were somewhat limited by Syd’s dairy and soya allergies, so I got a selection of fruit and some cordial for the kids, and some chocolate and coke zero for DaddyGeek and I. The kids adore fruit, so it was a no brainer that they’d enjoy nibbling on that while watching the films.

Find out how out shopping trip went by viewing my google+ album HERE.

Getting back to our first ever Disney DVD day… Hubby made the kids a bowl of fruit each and some juice, while I sorted out the films.

The Kit Kat Chunky is mine! I am a self confessed chocoholic! I rarely get a chance to sit down and enjoy a bar of chocolate when the kids are up, so it was a refreshing change! DaddyGeek’s Extra Special chocolate was half eaten during the DVD day. He kept it up high, out of the kids’ reach, and kept nibbling the odd square here and there. He really enjoyed it, and said he’d get it again.

I’m not much of a fizzy drink fan, but I do have the odd Zero Coke. Usually when I need an energy boost on warm days. It was perfect for the DVD day! (Caffeine is my best friend)! Zero coke is calorie and sugar free, but it still contains caffeine! DaddyGeek loves to drink zero coke.

My Disney collection is huge. Being the geek I am, some are on DVD, Blu-Ray, Apple TV and of course sky plus. First, I put CARS on. The kids both loved the intro, but very quickly lost interest in the film and became engrossed in their fruit! DaddyGeek and I happily supped our coke and ate our chocolate, while the kids indulged in their fruit and juice.

Sam isn’t usually allowed to eat while watching TV, so he got very excited about having his bowl of fruit on the floor with him! Sydney got a bit confused and frisbee’d her bowl of fruit everywhere. Sam had fun finding it and eating it all up immediately afterwards!

After 15 minutes, Sam was really fidgety, and fed up watching Cars. We decided to try a cartoon style film instead. Bad idea! Sam was all smiles for the introduction of Robin Hood, but started crying once he realised it was something he hadn’t seen before. He really is a creature of habit! They both looked so excited as the opening credits came on, too!

As a last ditch attempt to save out first ever DVD day, I put the Gruffalo on. Sam loves the story. He had seen the cartoon once, but it was about 8 months ago now. As soon as the scary music came on, Batman cried. And cried. And cried. Full on tears and trembling. Not quite the reaction I was hoping for. You can see in the photos above that the Black unit is usually covered with teddies. Note how it has changed during the Gruffalo!

This was the point I accepted defeat and threw in the towel. I guess I will have to put the DVDs away again for a while longer. We turned the TV off and played with the Duplo instead. Both Sam and Syd seemed much happier with this arrangement!

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