Picnic Fun

It is no secret I am a HUGE fan of picnics! Anyone who knows me in the real world will know that I like to drag people out to sit on a rug and eat messy food at every given opportunity!

Due to rubbish weather (and a poorly double pram) we haven’t had a picnic yet this year, so I am going to share some of my favourite picnics from years gone by.

One of my favourite ever picnics was waaaay back in 2005. It was the end of May Bank Holiday Monday, and myself and 2 of my best friends decided that it was the perfect day for a road trip/picnic! We loaded up my car and headed down to Blackpool to have a picnic on the beach!

When we got there, the tide was in, so we set up our picnic blanket in the middle of the promenade, in between 3 huge boulders, underneath the gigantic “disco ball” which is past the South Pier. We had a brilliant time!

We’d recently got back from a week in Ibiza, and were all 21 at the time. Our picnic consisted of bread rolls, Alioli (You know – that amazing Garlic Mayonnaise you get in Spain), hot diet coke (bleah) and some yummy muffins, biscuits and water!

Here’s a photo from the day:

DISCLAIMER: I have had to blot out my friend’s faces, as they *might* have thrown sickies that day! 

Now I am older, and a bit more mature, I like to picnic in the park, with lots of sun cream on, and healthy grub to munch on. Last Summer, DaddyGeek and I took the kids to Heaton Park for a picnic. Syd was only a few weeks old at the time, so she didn’t have any of the food.

We took tubs of Salad with Caesar dressing, tubs of fruit, some biscuits, juice, fairy cakes and some water. We had a really good time, and got lots of photos of our fun day out.

I cannot wait to get outdoors and have some picnics this year. Now that Sam is walking, and Syd is Queen bum shuffler, it’s going to be interesting…!! We will definitely be having a picnic or two when we head to Center Parcs, Sherwood Forest!

This is my entry to the Tots 100 May 2013 Center Parcs Family Bloggers challenge. Why not join in – you could win a family holiday, just like I did! 

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