MISSING: One Social Life!

I started writing this blog post at 7.20pm on a Thursday evening. The kids are asleep (for now) and I am blogging. I am sat at my desk with the baby monitors in front of me, and I am reminiscing about my life pre-babies.

I used to be a firm believer in the motto “Work hard: Play harder.” I used to work 12 hours a day, Monday to Thursday, then spend Friday to Sunday getting drunk and embarrassing myself socialising.

Now, I am usually too exhausted to do more than collapse in a heap on the sofa after a day with the kids, followed by a few hours of working and/or blogging. The idea of going out partying, then facing dirty nappies the next day is not my idea of fun. Plus, I think I’d feel stupidly guilty about spending £100 on a night out, rather than spending it on the kids.

This survey by Ladbrokes Bingo showed that nearly 70% of all women asked, preferred a night in with the girls than a night out on the town. Clearly these women don’t have screaming kids like Sydney. I can’t imagine having much fun, running upstairs every 10 minutes settling her. I’d spend all night saying “shhhhhhh” to my guests.

Oh god – I really have turned into a bore, haven’t I?!

I do spend a lot of time on social media. Have I substituted the “real world” for cyberspace?! I spend half of my night tweeting my friends, or talking via iMessage or facebook chat. Has technology made it easier to keep in touch without actually seeing your friends?

I can go months without seeing my best friend. Then when we meet up, I already know what she has been up to, where she’s been, how her children are. I’ve seen photos of her new hair do, and she’s seen all of our news, too.

I do think it’s important to find time to socialise. I’m the first to admit I am on the verge of insanity after a few days of only seeing and speaking to my kids and hubby (no offence dear)! 

Am I alone? Is becoming a social hermit part and parcel of Motherhood? 

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