Retro School Supplies - diet coke pencil case

When I was a kid, your pencil case and its contents was far more important than the brand of school shoes you were wearing. Today I’m sharing some Retro School Supplies! I remember hoovering the stairs and cleaning my room to earn the money to buy a particularly lovely Diet Coke number – much like the one pictured here!

Retro School Supplies – Pencil Case Envy!

Retro School Supplies - Walkers Crisps pencil case

I remember being so happy with it – until I realised my colouring pens wouldn’t fit inside, and I had to resort to the “boring” Walkers Crisps one my Mum had got me…!! It wasn’t so bad though – Suddenly I was the kid with TWO pencil case!

I had a somewhat unhealthy obsession with all things stationery from an early age, but my sister was far worse. She was obsessed with colouring. My sis had every kind of felt tip pen and pencil crayon you can imagine. She had more pens than Partners and Stationery Box did. (Remember them? They were high street Stationers back in the day)!

Modern School Supplies

My daughter is 5 now, and finally starting to develop her own love of all things stationery. Her note book collection is already pretty impressive. When the guys at Smiggle sent her this range of goodies, she was beside herself with excitement.

smiggle school supplies

The pencil case is part of the new “Besties” range. It has an RRP of £15.50 and is pineapple scented. It fits loads of stuff inside, and fastens via a zip at the rear which has a cool pom pom on the end. The Neon Pencils are really bright coloured pencils, which are nice to write and colour with, but non erasable. They cost £4.50.

The “Pocket Pals Mini Journal” has an RRP of £6. It is a 160 page journal with unique content, a scented badge, bookmark, scented stickers, a dice template & a game piece – (If you buy all 8 mini journals, you will have all the pieces to play a game). The “Smiggle Says” Zip Wallet has an rep of £8.50 and as well as the zip fastening, there’s space inside for notes and your personal details. It’s great for kids’ pocket money or spends for their school trip!

Syd’s Thoughts

Syd has taken great pleasure in sticking the scented stickers from the mini journal all over the house – much to hubby’s dismay! The neon pencils have been used to colour in some lovely pictures and the pencil case is now bursting at the seems with felt tip pens. Sam’s wallet is in his bag ready for his school trip pennies later this week, too. Thank you for the goodies, Smiggle! The entire range is available to buy online or in Smiggle stores. Find out where your nearest one is HERE.

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We received the Smiggle goodies to share on my blog. I wanted to share them – along with the childhood memories they brought rushing back. Which pencil case did you love the most as a kid? 

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