As a mum of two toddlers, I don’t really have the “School holidays boredom” problem yet. I still have the year round bored fest to contend with! I have put together this boredom busting list of  Twenty free ideas for Summer fun. Most of them are 100% free to do, too, so it’s great if you’re on a budget… or if your funds are running low!

Twenty Free Ideas For Summer Fun

I have broken the list down into indoor and outdoor activities, so you can quickly find the perfect activity for you…

Twenty Free Ideas For Summer Fun – Indoors

1). Printing With Potatoes.

Slice some potatoes in half and then carve basic shapes into them. Plop some poster paint onto plates and then dip in the potatoes before printing onto paper.

2). An Indoor Picnic.

Invite the teddies if you like! Roll out a blanket, set out the plates and pretend you’re anywhere but the play room floor!

free ideas for Summer fun - indoor picnic

3). Bake a Cake!

All you need is eggs, flour and butter to make a basic Victoria sponge cake. A quick google will find a recipe!

4). A Treasure Hunt

Draw up some clues for the kids, and hide them around the house. Put a snack at the end or a note with a treat written on it to be the “Treasure”. This is one of my favourite indoor free ideas for Summer fun.

5). Paint With Toilet Roll Tubes

free ideas for Summer fun - painting with toilet roll tubes

Firstly, put different coloured paint onto paper plates. Next, put the toilet roll tubes and bend out the sides to make them look like flowers (or fireworks). Finally, get creative!

6). Bath The Dolls

Fill up the kitchen sink, roll up your sleeves and help your little one bath their babies.

7). Make a Den!

We are big den fans. Chucking a duvet under the kitchen table and then throwing some flat sheets or duvet covers over the top is usually sufficient! The kids love it if I add some battery powered fairy lights too and pop a film on the iPad in there.
free ideas for Summer fun - make a den

Twenty Free Ideas For Summer Fun – Outdoors

Now we are moving on to outdoor fun. This is my favourite sort of fun!

8). Play Pooh Sticks

Head down to your local river or stream and find a bridge. Find a stick each and make sure its identifiable somehow. Drop them into the water at the same time on the “upstream” side of the bridge. Let the sticks race underneath the bridge, to the other side. The first one to come through wins!

9). Race Paper Boats

Similar idea to Pooh Sticks, but you can make paper boats beforehand. They are super easy to make, and can kill an hour or two when you’re stuck at home. Make sure you take them out of the water after each race, though! We don’t want to be responsible for our waterways being polluted!

10). Go For A Picnic

Pack up your lunch and walk down to your local park or nature spot. We’ve got a beautiful canal near to us, which has some great benches and picnic tables. They aren’t that busy in the holidays either!

11). Do Some Litter Picking

It’s always good to give something back. Why not get your kids to fill a carrier bag with rubbish while they are walking to or from the park? It’s a great way to show kids the consequences of dropping litter.

12). Cleaning The Garden Toys

Make cleaning up fun by adding a little food colouring or bubbles to the kids’ water table. This also works in an old bucket or washing up bowl. Suddenly the kids are more keen to help you wash the plastic tat they’ve left out in all weathers!

free ideas for Summer fun - clean the garden toys

13). Paint The Garden Fence With Water

If it’s been dry, set the kids up with a bucket of water and a couple of old paintbrushes. Get them to “paint” the fence (or the wall). My kids find this oddly satisfying!

14). Wash The Car

Get the kids to wash the car for you. I usually let them have a water fight afterwards, while I clean the car all over again, but it passes a few hours and makes some fun memories!

15). Paint With Mud

This is one of my favourite free ideas for Summer fun… I peg up an old sheet in the forest on a muddy day, and let the kids “paint” it with mud. Sometimes they use paintbrushes, sticks or their hands – depending how they are feeling!

free ideas for Summer - mud painting

16). Scavenger Hunt

Write a list of things for the kids to find in the park or the woods and then let them explore and collect them. Things like “A prickly leaf, conker, acorn, feather, something yellow etc are good ideas.

17). Roll down some hills

Hill rolling is definitely my son’s favourite free ideas for Summer fun. Go somewhere with some grassy hills on a dry day, and roll down them! There’s nothing quite like it to get your endorphins racing, and to make you all laugh!

18). Blow Bubbles

Chances are, you’ve got some bubbles lying about at home. If not, make some bubble mix by gently mixing 2 cups Washing Up Liquid with 1 tsp Cooking Oil and 1 cup Water. Mix it super gently so it doesn’t foam up. You can make your own bubble wands with pipe cleaners, wire or even old wire coat hangers.


19). Watch The Sun Set

Letting the kids stay up late in the Summer holidays to watch the sun set is a great treat. Especially if it involves a camp fire, toasting marshmallows and drinking hot chocolate! You don’t have to go camping to do it – so your back garden is fine!

20). Build A Den In The Woods

Head down to the woods with a ball of string and a pocket knife and see what you can create! Let the kids find some rocks and lots of large sticks and try to make your own wig wam style den.

Finally, I hope these free ideas for Summer fun have been useful. Why not check out more of my family blog posts.

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