12 week injections

Today (at 14 weeks and 3 days old) Sydney had her 12 week injections.
She had them late as she had a cold last week.

I was absolutely dreading it.
I always do.

As it goes, she was MUCH better than Sam was when he had his.
She cried for about 30 seconds after each of the injections (There were 2).

How did I do? I cried – as usual!
DaddyGeek had of course been dragged along to hold her. I cannot do that job. It traumatises me.
Plus I am always bad cop – he has to take a turn sooner or later!!

Syd seemed fine afterwards, she was a bit tired but nothing major.
I am crossing everything she sleeps well tonight so I get more than 2 hours sleep.

Fingers crossed!

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