We were recently sent a Tummy With Mummy to review.

Tummy With Mummy is a foldable system which lets your baby enjoy tummy time safely on a raised surface. This means you can get down to their eye level easily, and offer encouragement. The system easily converts into a secure infant seat, too – perfect for use when away from home. When your child gets bigger, it can be used as a toddler seat until your child is around 36 Months.

When we received the Tummy With Mummy system, I set it up and took these photos within an hour of us using it. As you can see, Sydney (then 12 weeks) was perfectly happy using it. Sam, my 15 Month old also enjoyed using it as a toddler seat.

The product took less than 2 minutes to assemble (it has zip and velcro
fastening) and it felt very firm and secure once it was set up. The Tummy With Mummy folds
away easily too (As shown on the photo above). It folds really thin, and can be stored underneath our sofa when it’s not in use, so it’s not cluttering the house.

You also get a fleece topper to make the system even comfier, as well as an infant safety harness, which you use when your baby is sitting up. The Tummy With Mummy system also offers a recline position, which is ideal for use during massages. Sydney loves to lie in this position and watch me as I potter around the kitchen. Sydney also bangs her feet on the back of the system when in this position, like she is stamping her feet. She seems to really enjoy that.

As you can see from the photos below, she is comfy enough on there to fall asleep. (She is lying on a green blanket on the images below, as the fleece which is supplied was being washed… It washed great, by the way)!

After just 1 week of use for tummy time, ranging from 5-20 minutes per
day, Sydney has already become much stronger on her front. I feel this
is down to the Tummy With Mummy System, as she was never a fan of tummy time

Tummy with Mummy is also brilliant for babies with reflux, as all 3 positions allow your baby’s upper body to be raised, which usually eases reflux symptoms. I will just add that if your baby has reflux, it’s probably best to wait a good hour after feeding before trying tummy time – Sydney had bad sickness episodes whenever I tried tummy time within 30 minutes of a feed, but she was fine after an hour.

The sitting position is great for playtime. Sydney likes to see what is going on, and now that she is getting heavier, her bouncer is in a more horizontal position, which leaves her frustrated as she can’t see what is going on. The Tummy With Mummy allows her to watch us closely when she is in the sitting or the tummy time position. She loves to play games like “eye nose a cheeky cheeky chin” and the seat position is perfect for this.

Sam loves to relax in the toddler seat position, too. He will happily relax in the toddler seat and watch the world go by.

With an RRP of £59.99, Tummy With Mummy is not a cheap item, but it is definitely one worth considering. I love the fact it folds away and can be popped in the boot to use as a seat when we are visiting friends, without leaving my boot full.

It is currently available in 6 colours: Red, Cream, Green, Aqua, Pink and Purple. The Red is really bright – my indoor, no flash images don’t really do it justice.

All in all, I really like the Tummy With Mummy System. I give it 5/5 and highly recommend it.

This is not a sponsored post. I was sent the Tummy With Mummy to review, but all words and opinions are my own.

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