If you read my blog regularly or follow me on social media, you probably already know that my 5 year old daughter LOVES dolls. When we were asked to review Zapf’s new Baby Secrets mini collectable dolls, I knew Syd would love them long before they arrived!

What are Baby Secrets dolls?

Baby Secrets Dolls are kind of like “Blind Bags” in a way. The single packs are shaped like a bath tub, and each one contains a surprise doll. The mystery doesn’t end there though – these have a double surprise factor. If you fill the bath tub packaging with water and pop your doll into it, their nappy (Diaper) will turn either Blue or Pink!

baby secrets

We received the Rocking Horse Pack, High Chair Pack and 7 single packs. The Rocking Horse Pack contained 2x exclusive dolls which are visible in the packaging, 1x single surprise tub and the rocking horse. The High Chair Pack contained 2x exclusive dolls which are visible in the packaging, 1x single surprise tub and the High Chair. Both of these sets have an RRP of £12.99 and are suitable for children age 4 and over. The individual tubs cost £2.99 each and are also suitable for children aged 4+

Rather than spending ages describing everything in detail, we made some videos to show you the sets and what is included. You can view the videos here.

Once everything was out of its packaging, this was what we had….

baby secrets

As the photo shows, we had 2 sets of twins. This was much more exciting to Syd than the usual “Oh no – I’ve already got it” when she gets duplicates of other “blind bag” style toys though – firstly because she still had to see if the dolls were boys or girls, and also because “Twins are so cool”.

Twinning is winning!

One of the videos I mentioned earlier shows off the “Ultra Rare” Twins Syd got. You can watch that video here:

The dolls have moveable limbs can sit unaided. They are really well made and don’t feel cheap like some blind bag toys do. I love that the packaging is part of the fun, and not just thrown away once it’s opened too.

There are 50 dolls to collect – 25 designs and each is available as a girl and a boy. Some dolls are easier than others to find. There’s common, rare, ultra rare, theme pack exclusives and limited editions to be found.

What did Syd think?

All told, Syd absolutely loves Baby Secrets! She’s had them for over 2 weeks now and still plays with them all the time. She loves that the nappies turn back white once dry, so she can do the “surprise” part over and over again. She looks pretty pleased with her collection, doesn’t she!

baby secrets

We were sent the items for the purpose of this review. All words and opinions are my own. 



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