It’s no secret that my kids love collectable toys. So when we were asked to do an Awesome Blossems review, I knew my daughter would be happy to agree. Each one costs £8 and is suitable for children age 5 and over. With 26 Bloss’ems to collect, there’s lots of variety!

Rather than spending ages explaining what Awesome Blossems are, and how they work… we made this video so you can see for yourself…

What The Manufacturers Say…

‘Plant a seed and grow your very own doll with Awesome Bloss’ems… The fierce floral collectible dolls! You’ll find everything you need to bring your surprise awesome doll to life when you open the decorative flowerpot… An Awesome Bloss’ems seed, sparkle soil and a leaf watering spoon!

Each Awesome Bloss’ems doll wears a fabulous detailed outfit . Plus a beautiful blossom on her head that smells sweet, like flowers! Place the colorful seed into the pot and cover it with the sparkle soil. Make a wish and add about 5 leaf-spoons of water, then watch as your doll starts to sprout from the soil… The flower on her head will hint at which character is blooming!

There’s 26 Awesome Bloss’ems to collect from five different themes. You can collect rares, super rares, or even an ultra-rare doll with a real diamond tiara! Once your doll fully blooms, pick her out of the pot like a real flower. Then pose her to sit in the leaf spoon – it doubles as a leaf hammock when you place it on the lid!

Set up a terrarium on top of the lid and decorate with the colorful chip art. Then cover it with the glittery dome to display your doll! With Awesome Bloss’ems, who will you grow?’

Awesome Blossems Review

As the video above shows, the process of making your Bloss’ems grow is pretty straight forward. The actual process of growing them is great fun and really exciting. There is, sadly a lot of waste plastic though. The RRP is pretty high considering how small the doll itself is. However, I do love how there is a little scene which you can make once your doll has Blossomed.

close up of awesome blossoms doll

In terms of lifespan, Syd was really excited about Awesome Blossems before we made the video and during the growing process. However, they have been sat on top of the fireplace for over a week now, untouched. Personally, I think the doll is a little small and fiddly to make them particularly appealing for playing with, so they are likely to spend their lives sat on a shelf.

All told, I love the idea of Awesome Blossems, but the reality is they have a very short play time. With an RRP of £8 each, it would cost at least £208 to complete the collection – assuming you don’t get any duplicates! They are available to buy from Smyths and other retailers.

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