We have been members of the Bigjigs Play Patrol for a while now. Our most recent mission is to play with and review the Figure of Eight Roadway in a creative way.

I decided to show you exactly what’s included in the Figure of Eight Roadway set in a video. Hope you enjoy it….

The set contains 36 pieces, and the road measures 850mm x 440mm when assembled. This set is aimed at children aged 3+ but Syd was only 2 in June, and she loves it! She needed help building the road, but she’s spent hours brumming the cars around and playing with the people and houses.

The straight pieces are reversible (like wooden train track pieces are), but the corner pieces aren’t. This does make it a little fiddley when setting the roadway up, so little people may need help with this part.

The attention to detail on this set is amazing! There are tiny grids
painted onto the pieces and the “bricks” painted onto the bridge are
super cute as well!

I love the fact the front and back of the people, houses and shops have been painted as well – this really held Syd’s interest for ages. She studied all the details and asked me what some things were. The road narrows at the approach to the bridge, and widens again on the other side. The road runs underneath the bridge as well.

Personally, I think the only thing which let this set down was the fact it doesn’t include any pieces to link up to wooden train track. Syd loves her wooden railway track, but she can’t play with the two simultaneously at the moment. I’m definitely going to invest in a few more pieces of roadway, plus the rail and road overhead platform and the curved road and rail level crossing pieces too. I think this will open up a whole new avenue of layouts for me *ahem* Syd to explore!

The people are much larger than the cars and the houses / shops. At first, this annoyed me, but then I realised they are the right size for small hands to hold, and great for practicing the green cross code. Syd is forever shouting “Stop, look, listen, GOOOOO” to the people as they cross the road!

Finally, another huge plus for me is the fact all of the pieces fit back into the box easily after use! Don’t believe me? See for yourself!!

All told, I highly recommend the set. If you’re buying it for a wooden railway fan, it’s probably worth buying one of the connectors though, so they can play with both rail and road simultaneously. I’d give the set 5/5. It’s well worth the £31.99 RRP.

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This is not a sponsored post. We were sent the item to review, but all words and opinions are my own.

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