Meet BOB

As part of my role as a Britax Mumbassador, I have been sent a BOB Revolution SE Duallie. The aim is for me to become an active parent.

I am desperate to get back into my pre pregnancy clothes now, and Sam loves the outdoors, so it seemed like a brilliant program for us to join in with.

My BOB has arrived now, and my first impressions are…. He is BIG!

I am going to take him (and the kids) out for a spin tomorrow. I am hoping to build up to power walking with the Duallie, but I am also going to do Laura Williams’ 9+ Months fitness exercises.

She has made 3 cool videos for BOB, showing ways to help mums keep in shape. I will be focusing on the 9+ Month Video:

You can check out the other two BOB fitness videos via their youtube channel, HERE

I took a quick snapshot of BOB when I set him up tonight – what do you think?

Stay tuned to hear how I get on pushing this beast of a pram AND over 50lb worth of babies around!

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