Dear Almost 1 Year Old Sydney

Dear Sydney.

You are tucked up in bed (your cot) as I type this. If tonight is like every other nights this week, you will be asleep in our bed by 1am. You’re not a fan of your cot. You like to feel Mummy and/or Daddy next to you while you sleep. Even while you snooze, your little hands often feel around to check we haven’t moved.

Tomorrow, you turn 1. You have already grown up so much, I already see you more as a toddler than a baby. You know what you want, and you do everything you can to get it. Whether that’s pointing, screeching or stealing it, you don’t let much come between you and your goal.

You adore your big brother. You follow him around like his shadow. Sam pretends he hates you, but we’ve caught him being nice to you quite a few times lately. I think it’s your ear piercing screeching he hates, rather than you personally.

You love to copy people. Clapping hands, waving hello or goodbye, giving kisses and blowing raspberries are some of your favourite things to do. You also love to share your dummy with whichever toy you are holding, or with any person who “cries”. I love how happily you share – most of the time! You are getting better at holding your own with Sam now. You take toys from him as often as he takes them from you.

You like to play with Duplo, blocks and teddies, but most of all, you love to play with people! You like nothing more than being bounced, sang to, tickled, held upside down or practicing walking. I almost forgot – you adore ELMO! You’ve got a tickle time Elmo and a Let’s Rock Elmo – they are definitely your favourite toys at the moment!

You’re crawling now, and bum shuffling. You’re not walking yet, but you are pulling yourself up to standing, and I think cruising the furniture will happen in the very near future. You have got a few words in your vocabulary now. Mama, Dada, uuu (up), Iya (hiya), uck (duck) waa waa (Raa Raa) and BaBa are your current words. 

Your laugh is infectious. You’ve got a really deep, husky chuckle, and other people cannot help but smile and laugh too, when you giggle. Your screaming, on the other hand is hideous! You’ve been known to clear rooms with your screaming. We let you off for the most part, as it’s usually down to your pesky teeth, or your reflux. However, you’ve started to do it when you’re not getting your own way now too – this is not good news for my ear drums! 

You love to eat anything chocolatey – this is not easy, thanks to your dairy and soya allergies! Bourbons are your current favourite chocolatey snack. I’ve made you a dairy/soya free chocolate sponge birthday cake, complete with Syd friendly “buttercream” filling.

You love to watch Raa Raa and Postman Pat, but you don’t seem to like anything else really. You love to dance, so theme tunes and music interest you more than the TV does. I could watch you dance all day long. 

You make me so proud every day. You are so keen to learn, and you’re
always copying others, and teaching Sam your tricks! You encourage him
to talk so much, and you love to copy him, and play on the iPad like he

I hope that you love your birthday presents, and that your day is perfect! I cannot believe how fast your first year has gone! I love you so much, baby girl! Even though you do keep me awake most nights haha!!


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