A Bank Holiday For His Birthday

Sam turns 1 on Monday 4th June, and the Queen has decided to give him a double Bank Holiday to celebrate!
(OK so perhaps she picked the 4th and 5th June for another reason). The point is, Sam gets a 4 day weekend to celebrate his 1st Birthday in style!

Now, if only I wasn’t going to be 36 weeks pregnant, and too whale-like to plan something truly amazing. *sigh*

I had a very fast labour with Sam so have no intentions of being more than 30 minutes away from the hospital from 35 weeks onwards – just in case! So for that reason, we are limited to either having a small tea party at home, a picnic in the park (weather depending of course) or possibly a BBQ at home. I don’t really want to plan something big, as it’s sod’s law I’ll spend a fortune on a party, and then have to cancel because I am in labour or feel too ill.

So, today I am pondering, what did YOU do to celebrate your baby’s 1st
birthday? Did you have a party? Go out for the day? Stay at home and
weep because your baby was suddenly a 1 year old?

Answers on a postcard, please – or in a comment/tweet etc.

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