Unboxing the Quinny Moodd

The Quinny Moodd arrived last Wednesday, but due to other commitments, it had to stay boxed until Friday Night.

Call me old fashioned (and a little bit obsessive too), but I like to savour the unboxing and assembly of a new pushchair. I suppose I kind of see this the same way a wine connoisseur savours the removal the cork from a great bottle of Red, and having that first taste. I like peace and quiet to do it, which is impossible with a baby and a toddler at my feet during the day.

I put together a video of me unboxing the Moodd, so you can see for yourself exactly what is inside the box, and how much assembly is required.
Look out for my Reindeer slippers…!

Once I had unboxed the Moodd, I set to work building it. I took a bit of time familiarising myself with the instructions, and then I set to work. The wheels clicked easily onto the chassis, and the chassis opened up super easily once I undid the clip. The frame erects itself once you undo the clip – thanks to the hydraulics. It hisses and then… POP! The frame is up. Brilliant! Attaching the basket was straight forward too – one clip and two velcro straps. I have to be honest, the velcro straps worried me a little. I won’t be overloading the basket any time soon.

The seat is really easy to install too. It literally clicks onto the chassis. To remove it, you slide the catches on either side and lift it up – really easy to do, and you can swap the seat from front to parent facing in seconds. (without a baby in situ, of course)!

The only part I had any issues with was installing the hood. The plastic covers on each side required a lot of force to remove them. I was scared I was going to damage my lovely white frame. Brute force won out though, and once they were off, the hood clipped into place easily. The plastic covers allow you to use the pram without the hood, and retain the smooth, sleek style, so make sure you keep yours somewhere safe. (I popped mine into the small zip pocket on the basket, which contains the tyre pump). 

The button to remove the plastic cover from the T Bar zone was a bit stiff too, but after a few presses, it was working smoothly.

Once the pram was up, it looked like this. (This was taken at well after 11pm last Friday night). I remember when Fridays were all about knocking back shots, not building pushchairs! I did reward myself with a cup of tea & two chocolate digestives to toast the new wheels, though!

On Saturday afternoon, I took Syd out in the Moodd while Sam napped and hubby watched the F1. It was a lovely Sunny day, and I was hoping to get some lovely photos of her. Within 30 seconds of leaving the house, this happened…

Yup. She fell fast asleep. I ended up walking into the local town centre to get a feel for the Moodd, and did a spot of shopping. Syd looked super comfy the entire time.

On the way home, I cut across the park’s fields, and the suspension on the Moodd really surprised me. It handled the uneven terrain as well as our Phil n Teds does. The white frame did get covered in freshly cut grass, but it was a dream to push. Syd woke up as we got off the grassy area, so we stayed out and walked up to the local Cricket club. Syd seemed to take an instant liking to the game, and the Men watching took an instant lining to the MOODD! 3 different men commented how nice the pushchair was. It got more compliments than Sydney did!

One excited Dad to be asked if he could take a photo to show his girlfriend! It seems the White chassis with Black seat unit is a hit with the Daddies. Mamas… take note!

So far, I am loving the Moodd. The adjustable footrest was brilliant when Syd was asleep – well done Quinny! I took delivery of a cup holder for the Moodd today, so I think a walk to a coffee shop is in order this week, to test that out.

The weather has turned wet again this week. I haven’t been out with the rain cover yet, so I think that’ll be happening one day this week – assuming the rain is here to stay. I have to say, I’ve really missed parent facing mode. In all honesty, 99% of the
time, they’ve both been world facing. I have definitely missed out!

This was my week 1 challenge. Stay tuned for week 2! 

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