It’s no secret that we are doll-mad in this house. When we were asked to review the Cicciobello Love n Care doll, I knew Syd would be happy to give it a whirl. The doll has an RRP of £59.99 and is suitable for children aged 3 and over.

Cicciobello Love n Care Doll

Rather than spending ages explaining what’s included with the Cicciobello Love n Care Doll, and how he works… I made this video so you can see it in action…

As the video shows, the doll requires 3x AA batteries, which are not included. Once Syd got her mitts on the doll, she quickly fell in love with him. She loved that he was poorly and it was her job to make him better…

Cicciobello Love n Care Doll


The doll itself feels really well made. He has a full head of hair and the plastic feels like good quality. The doll doesn’t come wearing a nappy, and he won’t wee or anything like that… Much to my relief! I’m well and truly over the 2am  “doll accidents”!

When you take the doll’s temperature, the thermometer actually lights up to show you if your doll is poorly or not. The light turns red if they are too hot and green if their temperature is normal. The thermometer does have to be inserted into the correct ear for this to work.

Cicciobello Love n Care Doll Thermometer

Time For Medicine!

Firstly, if your Cicciobello Love n Care Doll has a temperature, you should then try giving him medicine. If that doesn’t work, try milk and then juice to see if they soothe him. Finally, if they don’t, it’s time to try an injection… To do this, you have to pull down his trousers and put the syringe into the small hole on his bottom pictured below.

Cicciobello Love n Care Doll Injection

When you do this, his cry will become louder and higher pitched . Poor baby really makes you feel guilty about his injection. Even our dog wanted to look after Cicciobello when he cried…

Cicciobello Love n Care Doll crying

What’s Included

The included accessories are all really well made. They feel strong and durable, and they are all wipe clean. The lids don’t stay on the bottles all that well, but real ones were always my nemesis too. The plunger for the syringe falls out pretty easily, but it won’t affect play if this ends up getting lost.

Cicciobello Love n Care Doll accessories

The bottles all have measurements printed on them, so they look just like real baby bottles. The liquid will “disappear” when they are tipped upside down – much to Syd’s delight.

Cicciobello Love n Care Doll Milk

All told, we really like the doll. It’s a little pricey, but it is much more interactive and responsive than other dolls. I was particularly impressed with how the doll’s breathing changed once the medicine had worked. The doll went from sounding chesty to sounding normal. I’d definitely recommend him for your little Florence Nightingales in training.

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We were sent the doll to review, but all words and opinions are my own. 


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