The kids and I have sensitive skin. This means we have to use non bio products in the washing machine. This typically means our freshly washed laundry doesn’t smell particularly exciting, and if anything is badly stained, I have to wash it in Biological powder, then re-wash it in non bio to make sure it doesn’t irritate us. When I was asked to do the Ecover Laundry Challenge, I was nervous!

Ecover Laundry Challenge

Firstly, I wasn’t particularly excited as laundry isn’t exactly one of my favourite things to do. When the Ecover arrived, the 875ml bottle looked like it would do as many loads as the Persil non bio I usually buy. The scent mentioned on the bottle – “Lavender and Sandalwood” sounded nice and soothing though. That’s always good in this mad house, so my interest piqued.

Ecover Laundry Challenge

Ecover Laundry Challenge – The Bedding Test

I washed my bedding in Ecover first, and was immediately struck by the smell when I opened the washing machine door. After a trip through the tumble drier, I made up my bed and collapsed onto it – it smelt divine! The smell was perfect for bed time. I immediately did the kids bedding too, and they both slept through for the next 4 nights (until the scent wore off).

When laundry day rolled around, we used ecover to wash all of our clothes. Syd used to love helping out on laundry day…

Ecover Laundry Challenge

Alas, my little helper wasn’t quite as enthusiastic as she used to be, so I was forced to go it alone when it came to doing the washing and ironing. I added my usual comfort fabric softener to the first load, but it removed the smell of the ecover liquid, so I left it out of everything else. The clothes felt ever so slightly less soft and fluffy, but once they’d been ironed, I honestly couldn’t tell the difference.

The Towel Test

My towels, however are a different story altogether….. I never use fabric softener with my towels as it makes them less absorbent, so they are usually not particularly soft. After using the ecover liquid, they felt so much softer than usual, and they smelt amazing!

They definitely passed the puppy test…

Ecover Laundry Challenge - puppy asleep on towels

Monty says he’s not sleeping though – he’s just resting his eyes…!!

Non Bio

This liquid is great as far as non bio’s go. It won’t remove really stubborn stains, but I am yet to find a non bio product that does. The smell lasts much longer than other non bios and I love that you don’t need to use fabric softener.

The large bottle is £8 for 42 washes in my local Asda, or 19p a load. My usual Persil non bio and Comfort fabric softener works out at 21.5p a load. So it’s slightly cheaper than what I usually pay and smells much better. All told, that makes me pretty happy, and the smell coming from my clothes and bedding makes me even happier! ecover have never, and will never test on animals either, so I’ll sleep soundly in my snuggly bedding knowing no bunnies were harmed for my happiness.

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This post is an entry for BritMums Ecover Laundry Challenge, sponsored by Ecover. All words and opinions are my own, and FYI: I have bought more ecover since receiving the review bottle.


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