I can’t believe I’m about to write this, but my babies are almost 9 and 10 years old! Gone are the days of Cbeebies, and I am now bombarded with requests for iPhones / new clothes. (From Syd at least – If you read my blog regularly, you’ll know my son is Autistic and non – verbal). Only 15 months ago, I plastered and painted Syd’s bedroom. She opted for cream and blue walls – no unicorns or bunnies required). The pandemic slowed down finishing her room completely, but I’m finally doing the finishing touches now. So read on for my tween bedroom ideas – There’s some pretty cool things out there.

Tween Bedroom Ideas

Tween does of course mean that wonderful age where kids have started to grow out of their childhood toys, but aren’t fully fledged teenagers just yet. (More specifically, it’s usually kids aged 9-12).

Wall Options

I opted to skim Syd’s bedroom walls so that I could paint them the colour of her choice. She wanted blue, so we went for cream on 2 of the walls and blue on the other two. This way, it’s not so overbearing, and we can change the two “feature” walls, without having to do the full room. Her woodwork and ceiling is all white, so this brightens her room a fair bit.

When considering wall accents; Syd initially wanted floating shelves like those below, to put up framed photographs and trinkets. I was happy to go along with this, but she soon changed her mind and decided she wanted some cool art work instead. We spent a good deal of time browsing these Teen posters for inspiration. However, she opted for Harry Potter artwork in the end.

tween girl sitting on her bed writing in a notebook

I’m going to get her some A3 frames, so she can swap and change posters and prints within those. This way, she won’t do what I did and make a million holes in her walls, pinning up posters.

Flooring For A Tween Bedroom

Personally, I think that when considering tween bedroom ideas, laminate flooring and a nice rug is the way to go. Syd wasn’t keen on this though, and wanted carpet. (She’s not a fan of cold flooring). She wanted to keep the 40 odd year old blue carpet which has been down since long before I was born. (Did I mention my house belonged to my late grandparents)?! Anyway, I digress…

We have since agreed that she can have a new carpet, rather than laminate. We’ve opted for a grey one, so it will go with whatever colour of wall she chooses. (Syd’s favourite colour changes monthly). Syd’s curtains and bedding are grey too, so it will all tie in nicely once the carpet is laid next month. I did consider giving her a rainbow room similar to the one pictured below, but decided against it in the end.

Colourful tween bedroom

Furniture Inspiration

I went for white furniture in Syd’s room, so it brightens it up. The white furniture also goes with the white woodwork, so it all ties in nicely too. She’s got a white wooden bed, which we’ve woven berry lights and a sunflower garland around. She’s also got a white desk and chair, bedside table, plus a large blue beanbag. Hopefully she will be allowed to have friends over soon, so she can show off her cool new tween bedroom ideas.

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