If you read my blog regularly, you’ll already know I’m a self – confessed “big kid“. So when I was asked to do a Moon Shoes review recently, I was quick to say YES! Of course, as soon as I did this, I began to wonder… Can adults wear moon shoes? So I took to google. Read on to find out the answer to the question AND what we thought of our Moon Shoes.

Can Adults Wear Moon Shoes?

Google got me really excited as initial opinions seemed to suggest that Moon Shoes were suitable for people up to 230lb and UK shoe size 7. (That’s EU size 41 and USA size 9). When my our Moon Shoes arrived, I realised this was not the case with the UK version.

The included instructions (pictured below) clearly state that Moon Shoes are suitable for persons up to 130lb. (That’s 9 stone 4lb in old money, or 59kg, if you prefer). Shoe size wise, the maximum sizes are: UK size 7.5, EU 40.5 and USA size 8.5.

Can adults wear moon shoes? - see the instructions for yourself here.

So unfortunately for me, I’d have to chop off more than one limb to meet the weight limit. Moon Shoes are suitable for children aged 7 and over, and have an RRP of £29.99. They are available from Argos, and other good toy retailers.

Setting Up Moon Shoes

I was really surprised that you have to assemble Moon Shoes. Call me naive, but I didn’t imagine having to thread up to 36 rubber bands through various points, before bouncing could commence. My advice to anyone embarking on assembling them is to follow the instructions clearly, and to wear gardening gloves to avoid catching the skin on your fingers.

Once you’ve constructed them, they won’t fit in the box they came in, so you can’t really assemble them ahead of time for birthday gifts etc

Bouncy Fun

It didn’t take Syd long to get to grips with the Moon Shoes… She took them out into the garden and was bouncing around in no time! Ok Ok… So there were a few wobbles to begin with, but she was soon posing as she bounced!

If you have seen either the original 1990’s ad, or the newer version, the kids all seem to be able to bounce pretty high. Syd didn’t manage more than a few inches, but she was laughing and giggling the entire time. So I suspect the heights shown in the ads are probably down to artistic licence rather than moon shoes allowing you to reach dizzy heights.

Syd said Moon Shoes were harder to bounce on than her real trampoline, but they were good fun. She said it was hard not flexing her foot, as the velcro straps stop you going up onto your toes. Syd said it was more tiring bouncing on the Moon Shoes compared to the trampoline too.

child bouncing in moon shoes

All told, I think Moon Shoes are a fun toy for kids who don’t have space for a trampoline in their back garden. You do have to be careful where you bounce as it’s pretty easy to fall over on them. You also have to add extra bands or remove some, depending on the weight of the person who is bouncing. So it’s not the easiest toy to share with others.

They are a fab way to get kids outdoors though – especially if you don’t have a garden yourself. You can always take these to the park, or even bounce on them inside. Be mindful of the neighbours if you live in an apartment though.

So Can Adults Wear Moon Shoes?

I was desperate for Moon Shoes way back in the early 90’s, but the curse of a Winter birthday meant I never got any. So while I was sad to find out that I’m too heavy to actually bounce on Moon Shoes, I couldn’t resist trying them on, once I’d finished assembling them…

pinterest pin saying Can adults wear moon shoes? and showing an adult's feet in them

One final recap, in case you missed it the first time…

Moon Shoes are suitable for persons up to 130lb. (That’s 9 stone 4lb in old money, or 59kg, if you prefer). Shoe size wise, the maximum sizes are: UK size 7.5, EU 40.5 and USA size 8.5. So if the grown up in question is smaller than both of those specifications… They can indeed bounce on moon shoes!


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