Since the 5p bag charge came into effect, I have become a bit obsessed with shopping bags. On more than one occasion, I have driven back home with the weekly shop rolling around in my boot, because I refuse to buy more carrier bags. I am useless at remembering to bring them back out of the house with me, and then remembering to get them out of the boot before I go into the supermarket is one step too many for me to remember after 3 hours’ sleep.

When I was asked to do a Trolley Bags review, I was pretty excited. These bags are available in original size (which I received) or in express size, which fit smaller trollies, and the sets retail at £17.99 each.

Trolley Bags Review

Trolley Bags Review

The bags are designed to fit securely on the trolley so you can quickly and easily bag up your goods at the checkout. The bags unroll easily and then the 4 individual bags attach together via velcro so they can be quickly and easily pushed back to sit at the back of your trolley while you shop…

Trolley Bags Review - bags in use

Once your items are on the conveyer belt, you simply pull the handle on the front bag so they fill the trolley so you can quickly and easily bag up your shopping. Each bag then separates really easily from the adjacent one, so it’s really easy to lift them out of the trolley and into your car. In case my description isn’t very clear, this video shows you exactly how they work in 20 seconds, so I had to include it in my Trolley Bags Review.

My thoughts.

The bags are really strong, and easily managed to carry the heavy items I bought. (15 litres of milk, split between the two smallest bags, with other lighter items on top of them). The largest bag was brilliant for holding all the bulky bits – kitchen roll, toilet roll, cereal, etc). 

One thing I would mention is that it’s important not to put all your heavy stuff in the larger bags. Lifting it into the car is a challenge and a half. (I made the mistake of doing that the first time I used the bags).

Once I had put away all of the shopping… I was pleased to see the bags easily rolled back up into their neat bundle. So they don’t take up much space, when popped back in the boot of the car.

Trolley Bags Rolled up

I love the fact my boot isn’t littered with loose carrier bags now. Also, it’s easy to spot the Trolley Bags in there. I really like the bags. I think they will really come into their own when I next “scan as you shop” in Tesco.

My Thoughts

The original trolley bags are brilliant, but I definitely need a small set now too. I usually do one big shop a fortnight, plus a couple of small top-up shops each week. This size doesn’t fit on smaller trolleys so I end up buying more stuff – oops!

All told, I really like the bags. The arms on the smaller bags do stick out slightly on the sides. So you need to be careful you don’t snag anything or injure anyone. The arms are well padded though, so it’s not likely to be a major issue. I’d definitely recommend the bags to people who hate buying carrier bags and those who want a neat shopping system.

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This is not a sponsored post. I was sent the item for the purpose of this Trolley Bags Review – all words and opinions are my own.

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