When it comes to fashion, there are so many rules that need to be followed, at least designers say so. Apparently, you shouldn’t wear white after Labour Day or wear items that are overly matching. It’s also a no-no to combine short skirts with revealing tops, or wear clothes that don’t fit you perfectly. Like following all the rules isn’t stressful enough, there is another set of rules that tells you how to wear your jewellery. Keeping up with the trends can be exhausting. So keep in mind that what you wear should reflect what you love, not what someone you don’t even know said you should love. So with that in mind, today I’m sharing some jewellery rules you should be breaking. Read on to find out my thoughts.

Jewellery Rules You Should Be Breaking

I have to agree there are some formal occasions and events where you should really follow the golden rules. But overall, feel free to break them and just be yourself. Here are several jewellery rules that you should be breaking without any regrets. 

Less is more

The famous Coco Chanel once said that you should take one thing off before you leave your house. So although you shouldn’t go to your cousin’s wedding with dozens of trinkets on you… There is no reason why you shouldn’t experiment with jewellery pieces, and wear them together. Multiple layers worn at the same time; or stacks of rings can really transform your boring outfit into a chic combo, so give it a go. Dig through your jewellery box and find a look that is unique and all your own. 

close up of a woman's gold jewellery

Earrings need to match

Yes, usually earrings are sold in pairs but that doesn’t mean you have to wear them that way. Asymmetry is in style, so don’t be afraid to mix and match your earrings. Achieving a new look is as easy as wearing one stud in one ear and a longer drop earring in the other ear.

High-quality jewellery is expensive

Maybe that was true a few decades ago, but not anymore. Nowadays there are so many fantastic brands that offer high-quality jewellery that will not break the bank. Just check out this amazing turquoise stone jewelry at Moon Magic! More and more brands are pivoting from fast fashion, and turning to products that will last for ages and won’t leave your skin irritated. Thanks to this change, you can now build your jewellery collection with quality pieces, without making a huge investment. 


Jewellery rules say metals do not mix

This has been an important rule for so long, but it is time to send it down the drain. You no longer have to be a person who loves gold, or a person who just wears silver. You can be both and no one is stopping you. (My wedding and engagement were both 18 carat gold, but all of my favourite necklaces are Silver or white gold). I’m divorced now, so the gold rings have gone. I’d still wear them together, if someone bought me a piece of gold jewellery though.

Mixing the metals, stacking jewellery pieces, and finding new combinations is a great way to breathe new life into your old pieces. It also adds a bit of pizzazz to your plain outfits. 

Portrait of young beautiful woman with pearl necklace jewellery

Only older ladies wear pearl and diamond jewellery

It is true that diamonds and pearls were once worn only by mature women (just check out grandma’s photos). But nowadays you can find these gems in more low-key pieces. After all, diamond studs go with basically anything and pearls are a great way to add that 50’s-Holywood-star-charm to your outfit. My budget doesn’t stretch to real diamonds, but I have plenty of fake diamond pieces in my collection. 

Your jewellery needs to match perfectly

So, according to this rule, you should wear pieces that came from the same set, just to be on the safe side. That sounds horribly boring. Playing with different metals, varying lengths of jewellery pieces, and experimenting with colours can bring a whole new dynamic to your look and help you express yourself better. Personally, I’ve never once owned a set of jewellery. Each piece I own is in my collection on personal merit.

Wear a tiny, elegant watch

Because big watches are reserved for men! Well, not anymore. Many watches these days are unisex and can look amazingly well when combined with cute bracelets. Just because you have a smaller wrist doesn’t mean your watch has to be dainty. Make bold choices and find what suits you best. 

It feels good to break some rules, but breaking fashion rules can help you express yourself better and be one step closer to your unique personal style.


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