Trendy Tot Thursday – Week 35

Hello! Welcome to week 34 of Trendy Tot Thursday (or #TT_Thursday on twitter and instagram). This Children’s fashion photo linky co-hosted by @ClearlyBex et moi.

If you haven’t taken part in #TT_Thursday before, it’s worth reading thisintro post to find out how it works. If you’ve joined in previously… You know what to do! You can read, comment and share your own post on the linky below.

Last week, my favourite outfit was definitely Luca over at NorthernNewMum. He was looking beyond cool in his Adidas Hi-Tops, H&M Jeans, Rocawear jacket and Ralph Lauren shirt!

This week, I am once again letting the side down. I’m struggling to get decent photos of the kids’ clothes at the moment. Sam wears his Nursery Uniform Monday to Friday, and Sydney is going through a “No photo, Mummy” phase. I’m doing a flashback to Christmas to share another of Syd’s Fancy Dress Outfits, instead….

Syd is a HUGE Doc McStuffins fan. We bought her this personalised Doc McStuffins outfit in about September last year. (It says Sydney on one of the pockets – just about visible in the photo). We paid £20 for it, and Syd loves it! She insists on wearing her dressing up high heels when she’s dressed as Doc, despite Dotty always wearing Pink trainers.

This is her wearing the outfit a couple of weeks back. Note the Doc Style plaits – this is NOT a coincidence! She insists on having “Hair like Doc, Mummy” whenever she’s wearing the outfit! She’s got loads of Doc McStuffins toys, and she spends hours dressed like this, making her toys (and her poor brother) better. It’s definitely one of my favourite items in her dressing up collection.

What do you think…? Are you a fan of TV themed dressing up clothes, or do you opt for more traditional items for your kids? I have to say, I don’t remember having any dressing up clothes as a kid. I remember having a cardboard box robot outfit (which my mum made for me) and I recall getting a cardboard witches hat for Halloween, and wearing a bin bag as a cape…!!

Now it’s your turn…. Let’s see your Trendy Tots! Feel free to pop your link in the linky box below, and please do try to read and comment on some of the other posts – that’s what makes linkys work, after all.

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