Sorting out the garden – phase 2

I posted a while back about baby proofing the garden. Since then, I have taken all of the junk, branches and leaves to the tip, jetwashed the decking and put a babygate on the decking fencing to keep the kids off the gravel.

The kids love being able to finally play outside! Sam has always adored being outside, and loves to watch the trees swaying in the breeze. He squeals with delight every time a bird flies past, too.

Syd has definitely
found her feet since she’s been able to play in the garden. She is in her element crawling between the slide, junior trampoline and sandpit. She has started trying to walk this week, too. I bet she will be chasing Sam round outside by the end of the month!

Seeing how much they love being outside has spurred me on to get the rest of the garden sorted, so I’ve been planning and budgeting. We are still saving up to get artificial grass put down, in place of the gravel. (Our garden gets too boggy for real grass to grow). I am now about to embark on the worst gardening job ever… Painting the fence and decking!

Our back garden is about 25m long, 6m wide. That’s a lot of fence! We also have a huge log cabin style Summer House, which also needs painting, as well as about 15x6m of decking, plus railings to stain. Needless to say, we will be needing a LOT of paint to get it all done! I’ve been pricing up exterior paint, and guesstimate that we will need around £130 – £150 worth of paint and stain to get the job done. Not to mention a weekend of sunshine as well as babysitters… I’m not asking for much, am I?! 

This week, I am also going to get some pots to get my sunflowers outside! I am fed up of looking at gravel and wood out there. It needs some colour – STAT!

I’m also going to get some herbs, I think. I have got what used to be a pond in the middle of the garden. We have filled it with soil now, though so it’ll be great for herbs (I hope). 

So that’s my mission for this month. Hopefully I”ll finally be able to share a photo of our garden soon… It’s still too ugly to show you all! Stay tuned to see how I get on!

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