Our Forever Home

We currently live in a 3 storey new build townhouse. Before we had kids, it was perfect for us. Now, however… it’s not ideal. (think black gloss kitchen, high kitchen island instead of a dining table).

Most young families spend their days pottering between the kitchen, living room and bathroom. Our kitchen is on the ground floor, lounge is on the 1st floor and the bathroom / toilet is on the 2nd floor. Add to that the fact we only have a tiny box room and our bedroom on the 2nd floor, and the 3rd bedroom (on the 1st floor) is Hubby’s office. Basically… We need to move or extend!

We’ve been busy crunching numbers and researching mortgages, and thanks to negative equity, it looks like we are staying put – for now at least. I don’t want to have to uproot the kids once they are settled in school, so although I’d consider moving semi locally, we won’t be moving 20 odd miles away once we are in a position to sell up.

So… what are our plans in the immediate future? Syd is still in our room in her cotbed. Sam’s now in his big boy bed in the box room. We were going to get them bunk beds so they could share, but due to Sam’s aggressive meltdowns and restless nights, I don’t think that’s fair to Sydney.

Plan B is to turn our huge lounge (which we very rarely get to use) into our bedroom, and then get a large conservatory style building put on the back. Luckily, our kitchen/ dining room area is large too, so this will be a nice, open living space for us all to use. We do have a small playroom downstairs too, so we’ll be able to hide all the kids toys there when we want to unwind in the evenings, too.

In an ideal world, we’d be selling up now and moving to Lancashire before the kids start school next September. I know we won’t be able to make that happen by then, and given how stressful it has been so far getting Sam’s school place sorted, I doubt I’ll be in any rush to do it again once he is settled. 

There you have it… We aren’t going to move, but we are going to improve… again! (Did I mention we did a huge refurb of the entire house back in 2009)? It looked AMAZING once it was done. Alas… most of it has been sacrificed to make way for babies and toys. Here’s how our house looked 5 years ago, though – in case you’re into refurb videos!

So… While I am not sure whether our current home is our forever home or not, I definitely think it’s time we make it work better for us as a family.

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