If you read my blog regularly, you’ll already know I am in the middle of refurbishing my late grandparents’ home. In recent weeks, I’ve been working on the living and dining room. This is a large, L shaped space, with lots of potential. My entire home refurb is being done on a shoestring… So today I am sharing some tips for updating your lounge for each season on a budget. Read on for tips and ideas to refresh the look of your room, without redecorating – or breaking the bank.

Updating Your Lounge For Each Season

I love to add a few key pieces to reflect the changing seasons. This helps to keep the room fresh, without reaching for the paintbrushes. To enable me to do this, I always choose a neutral colour scheme. While reds and greens are wonderfully cosy in Winter, they don’t look current when the temperatures soar. Additionally, yellows and light blues may look great in spring, but they can be cold come Winter time.

Neutral Walls and Furniture

So a neutral colour for your walls and furniture is recommended when you plan on¬†updating your lounge for each season. You may want to keep things traditional (like me) and opt for creams and light browns on the walls… Or perhaps go for a more modern look. If so, select whites and greys for the walls.The same applies to furniture. That super cosy tartan chair will look amazing by the fire in Winter, but what about Summer time?

Switch Your Soft Furnishings

Rather than re-decorating, I plan on swapping my curtains, cushions and throws each season, so they reflect the time of year. Once I’ve finished decorating, I’ll be hanging my new neutral thick, wool curtains and putting the matching cushions and throws on my brown leather sofas. Yorkshire Fabric Shop has a great selection of fabrics available, if you’re planning on making your own. (So my sofas will look similar to the setup below).

updating your lounge for each season - Neutral sofas with neutral accessories - perfect for spring and fall

Thick curtains not only make your lounge look cosy… They help retain heat, so your lounge will be warmer than if you don’t have curtains up, or choose a light version. Once the nights start drawing in, they will be a great investment, as they’ll look great and help keep my heating costs down.

When we head towards Christmas, I’ll introduce some red pieces to let some festive magic into the space. Dark red cushions which tie in to the Christmas Tree and Dining table runner will pull everything together nicely. These pieces can be stored with the Christmas decorations and will be a great festive addition for many years to come.

Spring Time Refresh

Once the weather begins to warm up, I’ll replace my heavy curtains and some of the neutral accessories with lighter options. Personally, I love green in the Springtime, so cream and pale green will be my colours of choice. I’ll opt for much lighter curtains, to help brighten up the space. (So my Spring and Summer colour scheme will be similar to those shown below).

updating your lounge for each season - green accessories for spring

Picture Perfect

As well as swapping out your soft furnishings, you can rotate your wall art. Vibrant floral prints like those shown above are great for warmer months. However, there are definitely better options out there for making your space cosy during Winter.

Save Save Save

The beauty of updating your lounge for each season this way, is it’ll save you time and money. It takes a couple of hours to pull some boxes out of the loft, rather than days to redecorate your entire space. Additionally, once you’ve bought your accessories for each season, you can rotate them for years to come, so you’ll save a pretty penny too.

Finally, it’s a lot faster to paint your walls and ceiling when they need refreshing, rather than planning a whole new look for your space.

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