Last week, a friend asked me for tips to save money, as she’s saving to buy a house. We’re probably all familiar with the struggle of getting onto the property ladder. And if you’re already making plans for your future and hoping to own your own home one day then chances are you’ve already opened a Help to Buy ISA, you’ve taken advice on a savings account and you’re probably working as many hours as you can to help make your savings grow.

My tips to save money

While these are excellent ways of getting a step closer to your goal, there are also other little things you could be doing to help boost your savings even more. Read on for my tips to save money, which will get you even closer to your dream. Good luck!

Lower your energy bills

I know, it’s summer and the last thing you’re thinking about is your heating and hot water bills. But, during the warmer months of the year is usually when suppliers are offering great rates and tariffs. Even if your home is heated with oil, you can still save – check emo out for the latest prices to lower your energy bills! Not only that, if you switch your energy supplier, then they do all the hard work for you! So, head online and see how much you could be saving!

You can reduce your energy bills even further if you’re extra careful with your usage. Making sure lights are switched off when you leave room, not leaving appliances on standby, and switching to LED bulbs will also save you a fortune throughout the year.

Cancel that gym membership

Are you really making the most of your gym membership? If the answer is no, then consider cancelling it and putting the money into your savings instead. Even if you do enjoy going to the gym, consider changing your exercise habits and working out at home. This could be done using home equipment, videos on YouTube or by going for a run in your local park. There are plenty of ways you can get your daily dose of exercise without paying extortionate fees.

Woman jogging in park - Tips To Save Money - cancel gym membership and run outdoors.

Kick the coffee habit

There’s nothing like a freshly ground cup of coffee on the way to the work. And at lunch, on the way home and when you’re catching up with friends. Coffee is an expensive habit that many of us have fallen into. So you could save a fortune each week by simply brewing coffee at home instead!

Stay home!

It’s tempting to head out to your favourite bar with friends after a long week. Afterall, you deserve the chance to let your hair down and have fun. But, heading out is an expensive treat, so why not save money and have fun at home instead?

Recreate your favourite takeaways, watch a movie, catch up with friends and just enjoy each other’s company. You can even wear your PJs! And you don’t have to worry about getting a taxi home! Bliss.

Other ways to save a little extra each month include, stopping smoking, cancelling your TV subscription packages and kicking your takeaway habit! Finally, if these tips to save money have been useful, check out my business and finance category for more inspiration.

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